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Ame Son -1970 Primitive Expression Psych Avant Jazz France

This second effort by the legendary French prog band Ame Son gathers archival material from different periods of the band's existence. One piece, "Sweet Georgia," even dates back to the mid-'60s pre-Ame Son group, the Primitivs, and with its conventional British rock sound is the weakest track on the album. The rest is quite excellent, from catchy but loopy "Le Grand Cirque de la Lune" from 1969 (pre-Catalyse) to the live "Le Dedale" from 1976, where Jacques Dudon's open-tuned lead guitar lends an exotic oriental sound. The real stunner is a six-part instrumental version of "Je Veus Juste Dit" (or "I Just Want to Say") stretched out to a 26-minute space jam. The melody, more relaxed than the earlier versions, becomes less and less recognizable as each section progresses deeper into the cosmos, the closest they come to the freak-out free form of Catalyse.
Rolf Semprebon - AMG REVIEW
back cover of the catalyse album

SPALAX (FRANCE)recorded 1969-76, released 1998
01.Him grand cirque of the Lune
02.Hein! Quant toi
03.Comme est morte
04.Je Veux Juste Dire
05.Part I: Archer to guitar
06.Part II: 4 Temps
07.Part III: Glisendo
08.Part IV: 7 Temps
09.Part V: & Part I SAW: Final Free
10.Sweet Georgia
12.Him Dedale

Bernard Lavialle: guitars, choirs
Marc Blanc: battery, voice
Patrick Fontaine: low
Francoise Garrel: flauta, voice
Philippe Garrel: guitar
Bernard Stisi: guitar in "Sweet Georgia" & "Dedoublement"
front cover of the catalyse album
Ame Son - Catalyse
Ame Son [France]
Catalyse (70)
This album is surprisingly great and obviously influenced in some way by Allen and Gong. There are some long and spacey tracks that seem to jam forever.
Prog Quartet, formed from Daevid Allen's Bananamoon backing group

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Furekaaben 1971 - Furekaaben - (Rode Rose RR1) (Denmark Rare Psych Folk 70')

Furekaaben 1971 - Furekaaben - (Rode Rose RR1) (Denmark Rare Psych Folk 70')
live i "Huset" i København), Røde Roser, RR 1, 1971 (extremely rare)
Drifting HEAD music from Denmark. Exotic trippy dreamy textures with tabla, zither, indian flutes, acoustic guitar, cello, etc.
Originally released in 1970, filled with 3 long tracks. A real acid-psychedelic jewel out of the Scandinavian psych scene.
Furekaaben - 1970 hippie folk with male / female vocals from Denmark.
Collective improvisations with acoustic guitar , cello, flute, whistles and percussion. Pure counter culture similar to Siloah, Kalacakra and Children Of One. Weird chill-out!
Formed 1968, Denmark Disbanded 1972

Hans Vinding (guitar, vocals), Thorbjorn Thomsen (guitar, vocals), Mikkel Bayer (cello), Soren Barfoed (flute, 1968-69), Vivi Jo Heede (vocals), Jens Thorning Hansen (guitar, 1969-72), Anthony Barnett (flute, percussion, 1969-72), Emmerik Warburg (flute, 1969-72), Steen Claesson (violin, guitar, 1971-72)
Related Artists Hyldemor, Burnin Red Ivanhoe Also Known As Furekaaben

Anonymous said...
The name of the LP is actually Furekaaben and was released by by the band. "Rode Rose" (red rose) was the name of the collective in Copenhagen where the band recited in those days.
Lineup: Hans Winding: Guitar - voice Thorbjorn Thomsen: Guitar - voice Jens Thorning Hansen - Guitar Mikkel Bayer: Cello Vivi-Jo Heede: Voice Anthony Barnett: Flute - percussion Emmerick Warburg: Flute Steen Claesson: Violin.
After Furekaaben Hans, Steen and Jens continued in Hyldemor. Both bands was an outlet for Hans Winding´s Totally brilliant songs and lyrics . (Also posted By the amazing blogMUTANT SOUNDS 1 & 2)
Enjoy ! Furekaaben 1971 - Furekaaben - (Rode Rose RR1)

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Furekaaben 1970 - Prinsessevaerelset (Denmark Rare Psych Folk 70')SL 1017

Folk based rytmic freaky music with a great deal of improvisation. Changed name to "Hyldemors lyksaligheder"in 1973.

Prinsesseværelset is one of the most hype recordings from Spectator Records.

Band on this record:
Anthony Barnett blokfløjte, percussion m.m.), Mikkel Bayer (cello), Jens Hansen (guitar), Thorbjørn Thomsen (guitar, vokal), Hans Vinding (guitar, vokal) and Emmerik Warburg (fløjte).

Side 1: 1.Den gule filthatmand 2.Kom lad os dulme vores 3.nerver lidt

Side 2: 1.Lædersexdress

Furekaaben cover gallery

* Prinsessevaerelset, Spectator Records SL 1017, 1970
* Same (optaget live i "Huset" i København), Røde Roser, RR 1, 1971 (extremely rare)
*Hyldemor, Glem det hele, CBS 83243, 1978 (Hans Vinding in front with a partly new band).
*Hyldemor, Alt for meget at gøre/Glem det hele, CBS 7200, 7" single, 1978.

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Foreningen Til Livets Beskyttelse - 1972 Dannish hippie-psych-folk (mega rare)

Name of the band in English: Organisation to Protection of Life.

Formed 1970, Aalborg, Denmark Disbanded 1972


Susanne Hamilton (vocals, guitar),

Gorm Laggen (flute, sax),

Christian Risgard Thomsen (keyboards, violin, harmonica),

Malthe Enevold Nielsen (vocals, guitar),

Erik Andersen (bass),

Thomas Johansen (percussion)

In English the name of the band is "The organisation for protection of life".
Danish avantgarde band based on the group "Den lille Prins". Jazz and folk inspired hippie music.Line up: Susanne Hamilton (vocal. lyrics), Gorm Larsen (flute and soprano sax), Christian Risgaard Thomsen (piano and violin), Malthe Enevold Nielsen (vocal and guitar).Recordings:* Foreningen til livets beskyttelse, Spectator Records sl 1043, 1972.* Den lille prins, same, Odeon MOCK 1021 , 1972.
Spectator Records - Foreningen til Livets beskyttelse
From the ancient rock-years in Denmark. Den Lille Prins (Le Petit Prince, Antoine de Saint-Exupery 1943) and Foreningen Til Livets Beskyttelse (The Society To Protection Of Life) was situated in a community outside Aalborg in Jutland Denmark around 1970 - 1972. This is more or less the same story as Furekaaben from Copenhagen: People are living together in a community, some of them are musicians, and.. wow, you have a band! Just the girl Susanne Hamilton is from Copenhagen, and she was presentet to the group via the "producer" from ancient rec. label Spectator. No wonder that the two LPs Den Lille Prins and Foreningen Til Livets Beskyttelse sounds like something between Furekaaben and Skousen/Ingemann. That means rock based on folk. Instruments are: Acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums, violin, saxophone, jewharp, mandolin and lotsa vocal. Lyrics are naive-but-with-a-big-warm-heart as they came those days, and this was not bad at all. The atmosphere is so groowy and friedley as you can think of. Those days were really something. These two LPs on one CD tells us something about why the early hippie-rock-days were so good. (shinybeast)

Side 1:
1.Elverkongen 2. Ulster (Det glade vanvid) 3. Betjent larsen 4. Illusioner 5.Loppecirkus
Side 2:
1.Mågens fortælling om livet 2.R(e)ary 3.Fuldmåne - med regnbuer inde i hovedet 4.Folketinget
Produced by Jørgen Bornefeldt. Cover design by Susanne Hamilton and Peter Bøttger.
Also posted by marvellous blog prog not frog

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Cosmic Eye - Dream Sequence (1972 Regal Zonophone)

Cosmic Eye was Amancio D’Silva’s band including Alan Branscombe, Kashev Sathe, and

John Mayer. They played a combination of jazz and Indian music. (listen on line)

DAVE GROSSMAN alto flute
KESH SATHIE tambourine
C. TAYLOR bs, flute
D. WRIGHT drms

ALBUM:1(A) DREAM SEQUENCE (Regal Zonophone SLRZ 1030) 1972 R3

This instrumental album has only one track, spread over two sides. It attempts a metamorphosis and blending of different atmospheres into a "sequence" of musical images. There is some bebop jazz, some Indian music augmented with electric guitar and some which is totally unclassifiable. Although quite pretentious by its very nature the album has its moments, but on the whole suffers from a shortage of good ideas. Some of it could easily pass for New Age music. Rather half-baked.

Recorded at Landsdowne Studios, London Engineered by Peter Gallen.
Produced by Denis Preston. 1972, Regal Zonaphone, EMI. SLRZ 1030

(Music conceived by Amancio D’silva)With John Mayor (of Indo Jazz Fusions) , Alan Branscombe, Kashev Sathe and others
This record, highly collectable, has been called everything from Trans-Psyche to progressive rock - meets - Indo Jazz (that owing to the line-up perhaps, which includes Indo-Jazz giant John Mayer and at the other end of the spectrum a fairly rock sounding bass and drum section). It kind of plays as a single piece almost, one theme blending into the next. It's ethereal yet striking. Distant chimes meld with tabla breaks and elegant and pure toned guitar.
This album may see a re-release fairly soon also. A poor quality pirate re-issue has appeared on several U.S. & Japanese online stores on a label called Silva Star (we are aware of the culprits), copied from an LP and out of pitch. Best to wait for the real thing.

( Silva Star / UK ) This instrumental album was jazz heavyweight John Mayer's foray into progressive rock and has only one track, spread over two sides. It attempts a metamorphosis and blending of different atmospheres into a sequence of musical styles. There is some bebob jazz, some Indian music augmented with electric guitar and sitar, some which could easily pass for New Age music. Originally release on the UK Regal Zonophone label in 1972 and hard to find album

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