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Tony Curtis (R.I.P.)

Actor Tony Curtis, who died yesterday at the age of 85, was Hollywood royalty when he co-starred with future 007 Roger Moore in the UK adventure series The Persuaders, which ran one season from 1971 to 1972. Curtis was the upstart Yankee Danny Wilde, Moore was the fussy Brit Lord Brett Sinclair, and together they were suave, middle-aged "international playboys" who flashed cash, bedded beautiful babes, and, yes, solved mysteries.

While the show fared OK with British TV viewers, it was not a U.S. success, but it has become a cult classic of early '70s cool.

Here are the show's very colorful opening titles, which, without any voiceover, fills you in on the men's entire backstories in split screen:

Curtis died at his Las Vegas (Henderson, Nevada) home on September 29, 2010, of an apparent cardiac arrest
 In a release to the Associated Press,
his daughter, actress Jamie Lee Curtis, stated:

"My father leaves behind a legacy of great performances in movies and in his paintings and assemblages. He leaves behind children and their families who loved him and respected him and a wife and in-laws who were devoted to him. He also leaves behind fans all over the world. He will be greatly missed.." 

Goodbye Mr.Curtis..

T H E     L O N G    G O O D B Y E !!
The Persuaders : Roger Moore & Tony Curtis late 60's
Music By John Barry
The Persuaders Theme

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Director Arthur Penn dies at age 88

The Outsider : Arthur Penn's decades-long struggle against the Hollywood machine
by Michael Chaiken and Paul Cronin  posted June 4, 2008

In his 50 years within the American film industry, Arthur Penn's changing fortunes have rivaled those of the greatest characters in his own films.

Born in Philadelphia in 1922, Penn grew up during the Depression, spending his childhood divided between the city of his birth and, after his parents' divorce in 1925, New York. The dislocation of Penn's home life, coupled with the stigma of being a child of divorce, would have a profound and lasting effect on his psychological and emotional development. Moving among comedy, tragedy, realism, and absurdity (sometimes within the same story), his films address the traumas of childhood and adolescence through characters whose lack of self-evident identity is circumscribed by the impersonal social forces governing their lives.(read more here)

A R T H U R   P E N N  (1922–2010) on  IMDb

Arthur Penn, left, with the actors Warren Beatty and Alexandra Stewart, during rehearsals for the film “Mickey One” in 1964 (from.nytimes.com)

Penn, Arthur Hiller, 1922-, American director, brother of Irving Penn, b. Philadelphia; studied Black Mountain College and the Actors' Studio, Los Angeles. Penn, who often deals with themes of alienation in American life, began directing for television during the late 1940s. His Broadway credits include Two for the Seesaw (1958), The Miracle Worker (1959, Tony Award; film, 1962), and Toys in the Attic (1960). His first film, The Left-Handed Gun (1958), a psychologically probing study of Billy the Kid, was also an adaptation of a television drama. Penn's masterpiece, Bonnie and Clyde (1967), is a darkly brilliant study of the Depression-era outlaws that combines high drama with comedy, social comment, and extreme violence. Displaying an offbeat take on several screen genres, his other movies include Micky One (1965), Alice's Restaurant (1969), Little Big Man (1960), Night Moves (1975), and The Missouri Breaks (1976). Among his later, less commercially successful films are Four Friends (1981), Dead of Winter (1987), and Inside (1996).
(from  Columbia Encyclopedia )


Arthur Penn, Director of ‘Bonnie and Clyde,’ Dies



Arthur Penn's haunting tracking shot from the final scene of Alice's Restaurant. Set, with great effect, to Arlo Guthrie's title track.
Bonnie and Clyde 1967 Arthur Penn Trailer
Trailer for The Missouri Breaks (1976)Director: Arthur Penn
Cast: Marlon Brando, Jack Nicholson, Randy Quaid, Kathleen Lloyd, Frederic Forrest
Visit http://www.jack-nicholson.info for more info
In this clip, Jack Crabb ( Dustin Hoffman) is bathed by Mrs. Pendrake (Faye Dunaway). To me, this is one of the best scenes in the movie, "Little Big Man," which is directed by Arthur Penn (director of Bonnie and Clyde).

The left handed gun - Arthur Penn (Billy The Kid)1968

Paul Newman - John Dehner - Lita Milan - Hurt Hatfield - James Congdon - James Best - Colin Keith ´- John Dierkes - Bob Anderson - Wally Brown - 
Night Moves : A 1975 film starring Gene Hackman as Harry Moseby, a private eye that gets in way over his head. A great movie directed by the very talented Arthur Penn (Bonnie and Clyde). Hackman turns in another awesome performance. If you love movies, this is one you shouldn't miss.
Arthur Penn from A Personal Journey with Martin Scorsese through American Movies

Bonnie Parker is bored with life and wants a change. She gets her chance when she meets a charming young drifter by the name of Clyde Barrow. Clyde has dreams of a life of crime that will free him from the hardships of the Depression. The two fall in love and begin a crime spree that extends from Oklahoma to Texas. They rob small banks with skill and panache, soon becoming minor celebrities known across the country. People are proud to have been held up by Bonnie and Clyde; to their victims, the duo is doing what nobody else has the guts to do. To the law, the two are evil bank robbers who deserve to be gunned down where they stand. Written by filmfactsman (IMDb.com)
Anne Bancroft in 'The Miracle Worker' (1962). Directed by Arthur Penn. In a scene with Patty Duke.
MICKEY ONE - WARREN BEATTY - 1965 Directed by Arthur Penn.
arthur penn four friends 1981
Arthur Penn   Teller Get Killed  1989

Arthur A. Penn (not to be confused with Arthur Hiller Penn )wrote both the words and music to "Smilin' Through" in 1919--he was inspired by a Broadway play of the same title which captured the heady, Wilsonian optimism following the First World War.
Many artists recorded the song in following years, but perhaps none resonated so well with her times and audience than did Britain's Vera Lynn, joined by Jay Wilbur and his Serenaders in this Second World War performance.

There's a little brown road windin' over the hill
To a little white cot by the sea
There's a little green gate
At whose trellis I wait
While two eyes o' blue
Come smilin' through at me

There's a gray lock or two in the brown of the hair
There's some silver in mine too, I see
But in all the long years
When the clouds brought their tears
Those two eyes o' blue
Kept smilin' through at me

And if ever I'm left in this world all alone
I shall wait for my call patiently
For if Heaven be kind
I shall wait there to find
Those two eyes o' blue
Come smilin' through at me...
(Thanx To RReady555 You Tube Channel)

 Rest In Peace Mr. Arthur !!!
So Long ,
never be forgotten
Richard Tauber - Smiling Through
The Great Tenor sings this enchanting love song composed by Arthur A. Penn

Free At Last!!

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25 Xρονια μετα τον "Ασυμβιβαστο"

ευχαριστώ την  Paraskevi Koutouba για την ανάρτησή της στο Vimeo

Ανδρέας Θωμόπουλος
Παραγωγή: Ανδρέας Θωμόπουλος
Διάρκεια: 100 λεπτά
Μουσική/μουσική επιμέλεια: Μίκης Θεοδωράκης, Γιώργος Θεοδωράκης
Φωτογραφία: Δημήτρης Βερνίκος
Μοντάζ: Γιώργος Τριανταφύλλου
Διεύθυνση παραγωγής: Μαρία Καραγιαννοπούλου
Σκηνογραφία: Κρις Προτιν
Βοηθός σκηνοθέτη: Περικλής Χούρσογλου
ηχοληψία: Γιάννης Δερμιτζάκης
μακιγιάζ: Φανή Αλεξάκη

Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος (Παύλος)
Σταύρος Ξενίδης (πατέρας Αναστασίας, πατέρας Παύλου, πελάτης ιατρείου)
Βέρα Κρούσκα (Ειρήνη)
Μπέτυ Λιβανού (Άννα)
Ελένη Μανιάτη (Αναστασία)
Κώστας Βρεττός (Απόστολος "Φλου")
Υβόνη Βλαδίμηρου (θεία)
Νίκος Αλευράς (δημοσιογράφος)
Ζοζέφ Ντομής
Μαρίνος Αλεξάκης
Γιώργος Πανουσόπουλος
φωνή αδελφού: Κώστας Τζούμας

Τραγούδι: «Κάποτε θά 'ρθουν να σου πουν» (μουσική: Μίκης Θεοδωράκης, στίχοι: Λευτέρης Παπαδόπουλος)

Ο Παύλος έχει παρατήσει τις σπουδές του στην Ιατρικη και εχει αφοσιωθει στην μουσικη, γραφοντας τραγουδια. Η αποφαση του αυτη τον φερνει σε συγκρουση με τους γυρω του. Ουτε η Άννα, αλλα ουτε και η τωρινη φιλη του Τασια, τον καταλαβαινουν. Καποια στιγμη θα γνωριστει με τον Αποστολη το Φλου, εναν συμφοιτητη του που και αυτος παρατησε τις σπουδες του και παρ΄ ολο που ειναι πλουσιος, ζει παιζοντας μουσικη στον δρομο. Ο Παυλος θα τον ακολουθησει, ενω παραλληλα θα προσπαθησει να προωθησει τα τραγουδια του σε δισκογραφικες εταιρειες. Η αυτοκτονια του Αποστολη θα τον κανει να αρχισει να αναθεωρει τις αποψεις του.

Η ταινία συμμετείχε στο Φεστιβάλ Θεσσαλονίκης 1979.

Κριτικές (από το 90lepta.com)
Ειρήνη Λαζαρίδου / 2009-05-06 16:43:27Μια ταινία που πρέπει να δούνε όσοι λατρέψανε τον Παύλο Σιδηρόπουλο και σήμερα τους λείπει πολύ. "Σου γράφω πάλι από ανάγκη, η ώρα πέντε το πρωί, το μόνο πράγμα που' χει μείνει όρθιο στον κόσμο είσαι εσύ"... Αν δεν συμμετείχε ο Σιδηρόπουλος νομίζω ότι η ταινία δεν θα είχε κανένα ενδιαφέρον
ΧΑΡΑ ΤΣΕΛΕΠΗ / 2009-05-08 18:24:26Συμφωνώ απόλυτα με την Κα Λαζαρίδου.Ο Παύλος είναι όλη η ταινία
Κωνσταντίνος Χριστοδουλάκης / 2009-05-15 20:23:14Ο Ασυμβίβαστος είναι μια ταινία με όλα τα χαρακτηριστικά των ταινιών του Νέου Ελληνικού Κινηματογράφου στα τέλη των '70s και αρχές των '80s: υπόκωφη, προβληματισμένη και αβέβαιη. Ο Παύλος Σιδηρόπουλος εκφράζει σπαρακτικά αυτό το Φλου, την ίδια εποχή που με την Σπυριδούλα έγραφαν έναν από τους καλύτερους ελληνικούς ροκ δίσκους.

25 Xρονια μετα τον "Ασυμβιβαστο" τα σαγαπω εγινα δηθεν και συμφερον σε αυτες και αυτους που ξερουν να τα παπαγαλιζουν σωστα για να κερδισουν ενα καλοπληρωμενο εισιτηριο πρωτης θεσης και να βολεψουν την ζωης τους χωρις να ξερουνν τι σημαινει αληθινη αγαπη
25 χρονια μετα τον "Ασυμβιβαστο"και οι καλημερες εγινα δηθεν και συμφερον στα στοματα των φιλων που λεγανταστες εχουν απλα κατι να κερδισουν απο την κοινωνικη σου καταξιωση αν υπαρχει.
25 χρονια μετα τον "Ασυμβιβαστο"η λεξη αληθεια εσπασε σαν γυαλι
25 χρονια μετα τον Ασυμβιβαστο"η λεξη ονειρα απαγορευτηκε
25 χρονια μετα τον "Ασυμβιβαστο και ολα ξεπουληθηκαν σε μικρους και μεγαλους βομους στην αρενα του κερδους.
25 χρονια μετα τον "Ασυμβιβαστο"τριγυρναω ακομα......και μερικες φορες σου" γραφω παλι απο αναγκη,ισως το μονο πραγμα στον κοσμο που εχει μεινει εισε εσυ..."
αλητης αγγελος απο το FREEDOMWAY MUSIC

Για τον Ανδρέας Θωμόπουλο ,έναν ιδιαίτερο ανθρωπο στα ελληνικά δρώμενα και όχι μόνο , μιας και η δουλιά του απο τα τέλη του '60 στην Αγγλία , αλλά και σήμερα με τους "Γιατρούς Χωρίς Συνορα" θα επανέλθουμε με ολοκληρωμένο αφιέρωμα (στην δισκογραφία, στο Σινεμά,στην Τηλεόραση,και  αλλά σχετικά)

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Jimi Hendrix November 27th, 1942 - September 18, 1970

Jimi Hendrix - 1970-07-30 - Rainbow Bridge Maui Hawaii, Hakaluka Crater, (Complete)

In The End Of July of '70 .Jimi went to Hawaii Isle for some gigs just a few days before his perfomance at the Isle Of Wight Festival in August,30  of 1970.A modest audience of a few hundred island hippies, surfers, and students turned up following announcements that Hendrix would play a free concert for a film. Hendrix was also in Hawaii to play the last concert on his 'Cry of Love' tour with his reformed 'Jimi Hendrix Experience' (with Billy Cox replacing Noel Redding on bass & backing vocals. Mitch Mitchell & Cox were also previously members of
Gypsy Sun and Rainbows.

Rainbow Bridge is a 1972 film directed by Chuck Wein that features footage from a Jimi Hendrix concert, and a short piece of conversation between Pat Hartley, Wein and Hendrix. It was mainly financed by Hendrix manager Mike Jeffery, hence his appearance. The film is about Pat Hartley's "spiritual awakening" via a visit to the 'Rainbow Bridge' planetary meditation cult on Maui, where, as part of the proceedings Jimi Hendrix visits to play a concert during a 'Rainbow Bridge' mass meditation/colour/sound "experiment". The "Rainbow Bridge" concert was a free concert by Jimi Hendrix that was held on July 30, 1970, in a horse pasture above Seabury Hall, on the "Upcountry" slopes of Haleakala, the volcano that makes up 75% of the island of Maui, Hawaii, although it probably last erupted in the 17th century, it is officially considered as being active.

The director Chuck Wein introduced Hendrix' performance (no mention of a group name) as the driving force of this 'Rainbow Bridge' "experiment" , (this title is often mistaken as being the name of the site of this concert rather than the name of this "Planetary meditation" cult, an extension of the Gaia hypothesis into spiritual realms). The original cut, not surprisingly used very little of the concert footage, as this was not intended to be a concert film and no music from the performance was released on the official Reprise LP "Rainbow Bridge- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack" for contractual reasons and due to the original music soundtrack being unreleasable due to its very substandard sonic quality on account of strong winds that day. The album does include, however, the studio tracks featured in the film. However, the music from the concert was distributed as a bootleg recording for three decades, before Radioactive Records released this same bootleg recording on the 2003 album, The Rainbow Bridge Concert: The Early Show until it was withdrawn due to a court action by 'Experience Hendrix' which makes this officially a 'bootleg' CD release. The 'Rainbow Bridge' concert was the penultimate performance by Hendrix in the United States, his last was two days later on August 1, 1970, in Honolulu, Hawaii. Hendrix died less than two months later on September 18, 1970 in London, England.(from Wikipedia)

Original `Rainbow Bridge`USA 1sheet 1972
movie poster for Hendrix free concert at Maui

Jimi Hendrix - 1973 A Film About Jimi Hendrix

Jimi Hendrix -  Documentary 2004

Jimi Hendrix - DVD - The last 24 hours

Rainbow Bridge (film) Wikipedia, 
Rainbow Bridge  IMDb 



Rainbow Bridge   The film
Rainbow Bridge   The Album Complete mp3@320
Rainbow Bridge   The Album Flac
Eric Burdon & War with JimiHendrix 16 9 1970
Live At Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club ,London
(the last night jam perfomance)

The Official Jimi Hendrix Site

Jimi Hendrix: Biography from Answers.com

Jimi Hendrix's death announcement, September 18th, 1970 on ABC News

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Jimi Hendrix The Uncut Story

When The Power Of Love,
 Overcomes The Love Of Power,
The World Will Know The Peace.
"James Marshall Hendrix''

Jimi Hendrix The Uncut Story - Episode 1  1942 - 1961

With the blessings of Jimi's biological family and many of his closest friends, Passport brings the life of Jimi Hendrix to light as never before. From his upbringing in Seattle to his final days in London, JIMI HENDRIX: THE UNCUT STORY goes beyond all previously released documentaries to explore the complete life-story behind the legendary artist.

Episode 1: 1942-1961 The first part of this three-episode series takes us through Jimi's life in Seattle, Washington where he spent two-thirds of his twenty-seven years. Through the recollection of his closest friends and family, we enter into the inner world of Jimi's childhood upbringing. This is where we come to know the people and events that would shape his love for music and define the extraordinary man he would become.
Jimi Hendrix The Uncut Story - Episode 2  1961 - 1967

With the blessings of Jimi's biological family and many of his closest friends, Passport brings the life of Jimi Hendrix to light as never before. From his upbringing in Seattle to his final days in London, JIMI HENDRIX: THE UNCUT STORY goes beyond all previously released documentaries to explore the complete life-story behind the legendary artist.

 Episode 2: 1961 - 1967 After Jimi's stint in the army, we join him as a sideman on the Chitlin' Circuit playing behind some of the greatest names in R&B. After following Jimi to New York, we head off to the UK where Jimi Hendrix became the toast of swinging London virtually overnight. Hear directly from the British rock stars and scenesters who witnessed Jimi's musical coup d'état firsthand. Then follow the Jimi Hendrix Experience on their way to becoming the hottest rock trio on the world stage.
Jimi Hendrix The Uncut Story - Episode 3   1967 - 1970 (final episode)

With the blessings of Jimi's biological family and many of his closest friends, Passport brings the life of Jimi Hendrix to light as never before. From his upbringing in Seattle to his final days in London, JIMI HENDRIX: THE UNCUT STORY goes beyond all previously released documentaries to explore the complete life-story behind the legendary artist.

Episode 3: 1967 - 1970 Part three highlights the culmination of Jimi's musical career. It was the peak of the counter-culture era and the world was changing at an incredible pace. Jimi's music and lifestyle were no exception. Here is where we follow Jimi to the height of his creative powers, both in the studio and on the road?only to watch it all come crashing down upon him. Through exclusive interviews, we get the facts behind Jimi's demise and examine the events surrounding his controversial death. But more than that - we come to know the spiritual message behind Jimi's work and celebrate the final stage of his life in music.

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It's So Far Out It's Straight Down (1967) Swingin' London '67

It's So Far Out It's Straight Down [1967]

A look at embryonic counter culture capers in swinging London 1967

The fledgling hippie scene in London, featuring The Indica Art Gallery, The International Times (IT), The It Girl, UFO Club, Paul McCartney, Allen Ginsberg, Syd Barrett with Pink Floyd, and more.
On January 18th, 1967, a few weeks into the Sgt. Pepper sessions, Freddie Prinze - er, I'm sorry, Paul McCartney sat down for a filmed interview to discuss the burgeoning psychedelic scene for the benefit of Granada TV's viewers. Excerpts of the interview were used in the Scene Special documentary "It's So Far Out, It's Straight Down", aired March 7th.

This conversation with Paul McCartney was originally broadcast on British television as part of the program 'So Far Out It's Straight Down,' which dealt with the topic of the changing attitudes of the late-Sixties, and London's underground movement: namely the Indica Bookshop and International Times. Paul's interview with Jo Durden-Smith was filmed by Granada Television on January 18th 1967, The program was telecast on March 7th.  ( listen the interview.)
McCartney's interview was split up into 3 separate segments which were interspersed throughout the program. (listen the interview)

- Jay Spangler, http://www.beatlesinterviews.org/

^^^   V   ^^^

It's So Far Out It's Straight Down 1967 Allen Ginsberg,Protests in London,The UFO Club,

A teenage girl group from LA,consisting of sisters,Carol & Terry Fischer and friend Sally Gordon,they were one hit wonders in 1963 with "Popsicles And Icicles" This is their last 45 from 1968,an exemplary cover of Traffic's first single.

They were royally ripped off by the good old music industry, but despite it all they reformed and are still gigging.Okay they are from LA but this track is so synonymous with swinging London that I thought this confetti of clips of London from 1967 fitted the song,enjoy ! (from Vimeo User Brian Jones)

Granny takes a trip

Gary | Myspace Video


A look at the ever changing Granny takes a trip boutique,set to the purple gang's transatlantic 45'rpm  of the same name, enjoy!

Swinging London 1967  @  The Purple Gang  Granny takes a trip   @
A great song,a great group,and a great shop,enjoy !

A charming clip of Andrew Loog Oldham's discovery Vashti Bunyan

(AKA Vashti Bunyan) looking sultry as she mimes her way through 'I want to be alone' the b side of her Jagger/Richard composed flop 'some things just stick in your mind' for US TV,enjoy!
Info Links :
Counter culture
Swinging London
The underground press in the UK
The International Times (it or IT)
 OZ magazine (archived site
"Miles" (Barry Miles)
Tonite Lets All Make Love in London.
The Indica  Art Gallery
The UFO Club
John Hopkins (political activist)
Joe Boyd
Mick Farren
The Deviants
International Love-In Festival Alexandra Palace London.7-29-67
14 Hour Technicolour Dream
Allen Ginsberg
Peter Whitehead (filmmaker)
Radio Caroline
John Peel

BBC Radio 1
UK  Underground (British subculture)
London Underground
Swinging Radio England
Ladbroke Grove 1967
Hipster (1940s subculture)
The Beat Generation
The Beat Scene
The Freak scene
Hermann Hesse

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August 31, 2010 at 4:09pm

Ως ο "ηθικός αυτουργός" αυτού του φεστιβάλ, θα ήθελα να κάνω κάποιες εξομολογήσεις. Χωρίς την πολύτιμη βοήθεια του Σάββα του Συνοδινού (www.southernrock.gr), του Γιώργου του Κοσμίδη, αδερφικού μου φίλου, αντιδήμαρχου στο Αιγάλεω και λάτρη του μπλουζ, του Θεόφιλου Βουτσινά, υπεύθυνου των πολιτιστικών του Δήμου μας αλλά και μουσικού, της κας Βασιλικής Πρεβεζάνου, γραμματέας του Θεόφιλου (ακούει τα μπλουζ από τα 15 της), αυτό το τόλμημα δεν θα είχε καμία τύχη. Αμέριστη και συμπαράσταση όλων των μουσικών με πρώτο τον Παύλο από τους SBT (δίπλα μου από τη πρώτη στιγμή-έφτιαξε τις αφίσσες, έλυσε προβλήματα που φάνταζαν αξεπέραστα), το Δημήτρη του Ιωάννου (κουβαλάει ΄προσωπικό του εξοπλισμό για να μειωθεί το κόστος μιας και τα χρήματα που διαθέτει ο Δήμος είναι πολύ λίγα), τον Ηλία Ζάϊκο,τον Νίκο Ντουνούση και όλων των παιδιών που θα συμμετάσχουν, ΤΟΛΜΑΜΕ ΟΛΟΙ ΜΑΖΙ ΚΑΤΙ ελπίζοντας να σηκώσουμε το μπλουζ πιο ψηλά. Λάθη και παραλήψεις έγιναν και θα γίνουν. Το περιορισμένο κονδύλι ήταν αποτρεπτικό ώστε να προσκληθούν και πολλοί άλλοι εξίσου άξιοι και σημαντικοί μουσικοί του χώρου του μπλουζ. Υπόσχομαι όμως πως αν το εγχείρημα αυτό πετύχει, αν τα καταφέρουμε να το κάνουμε θεσμό και να το πάμε σε όλη την επικράτεια, ΔΕΝ ΘΑ ΜΕΙΝΕΙ ΑΠΕΞΩ ΚΑΝΕΝΑΣ ΣΤΟ ΜΕΛΛΟΝ. Το μόνο που ζητάω και το ζητάω από καρδιάς, είναι όλοι σας να κάνετε οτι μπορείτε να το στηρίξετε. Μου αρέσει να λειτουργώ σαν ο τελευταίος τροχός της αμάξης και σε αυτή τη προσπάθεια, έχοντας κομίσει μονάχα μία ιδέα που στον συγκεκριμένο δήμο λόγω ανθρώπων βρήκε πρόσφορο έδαφος απλά δηλώνω πως στάθηκα τυχερός.

Να είστε όλοι σας καλά και σας περιμένουμε να το γιορτάσουμε.

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Δευτέρα, 6 Σεπτεμβρίου 2010

International-Love-In Alexandra Palace 1967 (Documentary Tonite Lets All Make Love in London.A Film By Peter WhiteHead)

This documentary has hard-coded Japanese subtitles but given its relative rarity and counter-cultural importance coupled with the fact this is the only source I can currently find I decided to go ahead and post it. If anyone has access to a non-subtitled version please get in touch***

Depending on which face the English counter-cultural occultural magus Peter Whitehead decides to show you, he can be a seminal film maker; one of the world's leading falcon expert and procurer; a novelist with over twelve books under his belt (some can be read on-line at his website); alleged British intelligence operative (which of course he denies) and a pop video pioneer (having made very early videos for Marianne Faithful and the Rolling Stones).

Shot in the mid-sixties, 'Tonite Let's All Make Love In London' is a 1967documentary that captures the various themes personalities and music of an emerging psychedelic counter-cultural London. Featuring the sounds of early Pink Floyd The Animals and the Rolling Stones the film is interlaced with interviews with such sixties icons as Julie Christie David Hockney Mick Jagger and Andrew Loog Oldham as well as archive footage of the 1965 Albert Hall poetry reading (which Peter Whitehead released as the short documentary Wholly Communion posted elsewhere on my channel) and the 1967 gig and happening called The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream (held at Alexandra Palace as a fundraiser for the underground paper International Times which featured a number of bands and artists with a legendary performance from an early Pink Floyd released as the short documentary Pink Floyd London 66/67).

These two events are considered the ground zero of sixties UK psychedelic counter-culture and Peter Whitehead captured both events on film. The documentary also features cameo appearances from John Lennon and Yoko Ono (before they met) and incongruously Lee Marvin. Of course some of the scenes seem terribly dated (such as the interview with a swinging London dollybird which in these days of hyper-sexuality and slut walks seems almost quaint) and yet it reminds us of a time when thinking was not considered suspect and pop stars and film stars had more to say than simply "buy me".

There are so many classic moments in this film but my favourite moment has to be a young Vanessa Redgrave, dressed in rather fetching Cuban revolutionary chic at a political rally in the Albert Hall and haltingly singing the most famous Cuban song of them all 'Guantanamera'; the word poignant is made for these rare occasions when something entirely of the moment and yet simultaneously timeless is captured on film (to see her ingratiatingly bowing to British Royalty at a 2008 awards ceremony makes me wonder if I am missing something crucial).(jackamo23 /4  Jan.2012 )

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Good review of the film here:

Excellent interview with Peter Whitehead:

Short 1993 on-line interview with Peter Whitehead discussing this film and the context in which it was made:

In 2007 the British Film Institute released a double DVD retrospective featuring various films and interviews. An excellent review of the DVD by novelist, critic, counter-cultural provocateur and former intellectual boot-boy Stewart Home can be found on his website:

As of January 2012 Amazon are offering the DVD for the princely sum of £7:99 including postage and packing:

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 Pink Floyd : Interstellar Overdrive 1967  Alternative Link 1  Link 2 

On 28 April 1967, a benefit event took place at the palace. "The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream", organised by the "International Times", demonstrated the importance of the quickly developing UK Underground scene. Although "underground" venues such as the UFO Club were hosting counter-cultural bands, this was certainly the biggest indoor event at the time. Performers included headlining act Pink Floyd, The Pretty Things, Savoy Brown, The Crazy World of Arthur Brown, Soft Machine, The Move ,Sam Gopal's Dream (featuring Sam Gopal, Mick Hutchinson and Pete Sears).

International-Love-In Alexandra Palace 1967

The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream

Tonite Lets All Make Love in London.

The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream,29th April 1967

Tonite Let's All Make Love in London  (IMDb)

Soundtrack albums' track listings

Enjoy! The Tracks  @  Enjoy the Film    @ Enjoy the A 14hr Technicolor Dream dvd

Tonite Let’s All Make Love in London (1967) Movie Online
Peter Whitehead’s disjointed Swinging London documentary, subtitled “A Pop Concerto,” comprises a number of different “movements,” each depicting a different theme underscored by music: A early version of Pink Floyd’s “Interstellar Overdrive” plays behind some arty nightclub scenes, while Chris Farlowe’s rendition of the Rolling Stones’ “Out of Time” accompanies a young woman’s description of London nightlife and the vacuousness of her own existence. In another segment, the Marquess of Kensington (Robert Wace) croons the nostalgic “Changing of the Guard” to shots of Buckingham Palace’s changing of the guard, and recording act Vashti are seen at work in the studio. Sandwiched between are clips of Mick Jagger (discussing revolution), Andrew Loog Oldham (discussing his future) – and Julie Christie, Michael Caine, Lee Marvin, and novelist Edna O’Brien (each discussing sex). The best part is footage of the riot that interrupted the Stones’ 1966 Royal Albert Hall concert

Features footage from the 14 Hour Technicolour Dream with musical accompaniment from Tomorrow

"Love In Festival" - Alexandra Palace, 29-07-1967 London

Technicolor Dream (Trailer)

The Flies at the '14 Hour Technicolour Dream'

Man Alive, 14 Hour Technicolour Dream - Part 1

Man Alive, 14 Hour Technicolour Dream - Part 2

Man Alive, 14 Hour Technicolour Dream - Part 3

Eric Burdon & The Animals (Live, 1967)

John Lennon 14 Hour Technicolour Dream

Soft Machine Live at UFO in 1967

PINK FLOYD UFO CLUB FEB '67 Nice Res. video

Pretty Things - LSD

Miles - The International Times - 1967 Interview London

London Scenes 1967 Promo

Tomorrow - 1967  My white Bicycle

The Syn - 14 hour technicolour dream

John's Children - at The 14 Hour Technicolour Dream!

Four + One (1966) - Pre-Tomorrow - Keith West

Sam Gopal - Sky Is Burning (1969), Pre-Motorhead!

Tonite Let's All Make Love In London (1967) John Lennon 1

Tonite Let's All Make Love In London (1967) John Lennon 2


Screenshots  from the film Tonite Let's All Make Love In London , Pete Whitehead.
  Pink Floyd : Interstellar Overdrive & Nick's Boogie.
  studio session 11 & 12 january 1967.
screenshots from concert at  the UFO Club for 14 hour Techinicolour Dream
(Alexandra Palace April 1967).

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Κυριακή, 5 Σεπτεμβρίου 2010

Love In Elysian Park , L.A 1967 - Eastern Sunday 1967 (Documentary 20 min.).

''God Respects Us When We Work, But Loves Us When We Dance (1968)'' 
Flower Films 1967 By Les Blank.

Hippies and flower children dance and create rituals at the historic Los Angeles "Love-In" of Easter Sunday, 1967. This '60s classic documents a once-in a lifetime phenomenon, preserving all the fashions, energy and idealism of the first "alternative lifestyles." Psychedelic special effects! 20 minutes.

"An original rock music score accentuates this film panorama of the action and more meditative moments occurring at Los Angeles' memorable 1967 Easter Sunday Love-In''. 

LA Love In 1967 Elysian Park Love In
Los Angeles  First LOVE-IN - Eastern Sunday 1967 (Documentary 20 min.).
(from Beyond the beat generation - http://tv.beyondthebeatgeneration.com/btbg)
The first Los Angeles Love-in was held to celebrate the Vernal Equinox and to meld the community in an everlasting embrace of fellowship and love. 
L.A. felt the love of the summer of '67 too

Here's Rare pictures from Elysian Park Love-In Easter 1967
Los Angeles Love-in 1967
UCLA Library (Los Angeles Times)
Easter Sunday Love-In
Alter Info 
Les Blank From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

1967 Hippies and Love-in , Los Angeles Photography of Waldo Nilo
Love- in 1967 -a collection of never seen before photographs of hippies 1967 in Los Angeles.
Taken by master photographer Waldo Nilo.

Chet Helms (The Family Dog Avallon Balroom,Carousell Ballroom,Fillmore Auditorium 1965~ 1967 ,pre Bill Graham's Fillmore West ,San Francisco ,CA.),introduces The Miller Blues Band.

A BBC Reporter uncovers the underground Hippie Culture in Los Angeles during a "Love In" featuring music by The Miller Blues Band (Steve Miller Band).

Flower Power Hippie  Movement !!
"White Bird" by The Incredible String Band.

This is an old compilation video showing vintage footage from the summer of 1967 in the days just before the tides turned on the youth and hippie movement.

Great look at the scene and feeling of the time, set to era music with both video and still, even some old "super-8" film in the mix.

Great rare stuff!

Seattle, Hippies 1967/04/04 
Seattle "be-in" of students and hippies (partial newsreel)
Seattle, 1967-04-04    Internet Archive

The Love-Ins (1967) theatrical trailer

The Love-Ins

The Love-Ins

Does anyone remember the griffith park love-ins

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