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Jim Kweskin And His Friends - What Ever Happened To Those Good Old Days - Live At Club 47 - 1968

What Ever Happened To Those Good Old Days

At Club Forty Seven In Cambridge Massachussetts 1968

With Jim Kweskin And His Friends

Mississippi Mud (James Cavanaugh - Harry Barris) - Buddy Bolden's Blues (Jelly Roll Morton)- Bill Bailey, Won't You Please Come Home (Trad.)- Ain't She Sweet (Milton Ager - Jack Yellen- La Bomba (Mexican trad.)- Good Morning Little Schoolgirl- I Had a Dream Last Night (Jimmy Rodgers)- Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue (Roy Henderson - Samuel M. Lewis - Joseph Young)- Ella Speed (Trad.)- Blues (Trad.)- Sheik of Araby (Harry B. Smith - Ted Snyder - Francis Wheeler)

The Jim Kweskin Jug Band formed in 1963 and was together for five years. It was the first of the jug bands formed in the 1960’s folk revival and gained widespread popularity. Their musical influence can still be felt today. Jim Kweskin, the founding member, was first influenced by the folk group, The Hoppers. The Kweskin Band had a unique style of folk music and gained national attention through live performances and television appearances on the Roger Miller Show and the Al Hirt Show. After the band broke up, Jim Kweskin continued to perform as a soloist. Today, he performs and records with the Jim Kweskin Band.

Family Dog original was designed by Victor Moscoso and Rick Griffin , It's for December 8-10 1967 shows at the Avalon Ballroom in San Francisco featuring the Jim Kweskin Jug Band, Sons of Champlin, and others.

Jim Kweskin and the Jug Band
by Craig Harris, All-Music Guide (http://www.allmusic.com/)
The fun side of folk music was explored by the Jim Kweskin Jug Band. During the five years that they were together, the group successfully transformed the sounds of pre-World War II rural music into a springboard for their good-humored performances.

Peanut Butter Conspiracy - Jim Kweskin Jug Band - Sparrow
1967 at Fillmore West Frisco
A communal-like musical ensemble, the Kweskin Jug Band was formed by Jim Kweskin, who had been inspired by a folk group, the Hoppers, featuring washtub bass player John "Fritz" Richmond. As a student at Boston University, Kweskin would often attend the Hoppers' performances at Cafe Yana in Harvard Square, learning much about guitar fingerpicking by watching the band's fingers. After Richmond was drafted into the U.S. Army, serving time in Korea and Europe, Kweskin began to frequent other folk clubs in Cambridge and Boston. Before long, he was playing guitar well enough to perform English and Appalachian ballads in folk coffeehouses. Jim Kweskin Jug Band,Big Brother and the Holding At Avalon Ballroom (San Francisco, CA) FD029-SG
Although Kweskin temporarily left for California, he returned to Cambridge, along with his wife Marilyn and dog Agatha, and resumed his musical career. A split-bill booking with blues enthusiast Geoff Muldaur at the Community Church in Boston on February 3, 1963, proved a turning point. In addition to peforming their own sets, Kweskin and Muldaur played several songs together. When Kweskin was invited by Maynard Solomon of Vanguard records to record with a band, he immediately remembered playing with Muldaur. Together with Fritz Richmond, and banjo and harmonica player Mel Lyman, Kweskin assembled the original Kweskin Jug Band. The group was a smash from the onset and were quickly signed to a record contract by Vanguard.

During a two week stint at the Bottom Line in New York, Maria D'Amato, fiddler and vocalist for the New York-based Even Dozen Jug Band, attended a show, became enamored of Muldaur and accepted an invitation to move to Cambridge and join the Kweskin Jug Band. D'Amato and Muldaur were soon married.
Shortly after the Kweskin Jug Band performed on the nationally-aired Steve Allen Show, on March 4, 1964, Lyman left the band and was replaced by banjo wiz Bill Keith, who had just left a gig with Bill Monroe's Bluegrass Boys.

The Kweskin Jug Band continued to bring their unique style of folk music to a national audience, appearing on The Roger Miller Show and The Al Hirt Show. Although Kweskin planned to move to California, the group left Vanguard and signed with Reprise, and virtuosic fiddler Richard Greene was added to the band. Just when it looked as though the Kweskin Jug Band was going to become commercially successful, Kweskin, who had moved into Lyman's commune in Fort Hill, a run down section of Boston, shaved off his trademark mustache and announced that he was breaking up the group.

In the aftermath of the Kweskin Jug Band's demise, Kweskin continued to work as a soloist, and he formed the U & I Band in the mid-1980s. Richmond went on to become a well-respected recording engineer and producer. Geoff and Maria Muldaur recorded several memorable duo albums before their marriage dissolved in the 1970s. Keith resumed his partnership with guitarist and vocalist Jim Rooney. In addition to working on each others' albums, Keith and Rooney were instrumental in the forming of a folk supergroup, the Woodstock Mountain Revue. Lyman, who ran his commune as a cult, disappeared under still-mysterious circumstances.

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Tom Rapp - Familiar Songs - 1972

This "compilation" album consisted of demos for a proposed retrospective album and has some different versions of some of Rapp's greatest songs. The album was released by Reprise without Tom Rapps approval. It's Tom Rapps least favorite album, and mine.Note that the album is fully credited to Tom Rapp.

The name Pearls Before Swine is completely missing from the album.
The Players: Tom Rapp: Vocals, Guitar Elisabeth: Vocals Jon Tooker: Guitar Gordon Hayes, Morrie E. Brown, Gerry Jermott: Bass Michael Krawitz, Bob Dorough: Piano Robbie Merkin: Piano, Organ Billy Mundi, Grady Tate, Herb Lovell: Drums Stu Scharf, Amos Garrett: Electric Guitar

The mastermind behind psychedelic folk band Pearls Before Swine, singer, composer and cult icon Tom Rapp was born in Bottineau, ND in 1947; after writing his first song at age six, he later began performing at local talent shows, and as a teen bested a young Bob Dylan at one such event. Upon relocating to Melbourne, FL, Rapp formed Pearls Before Swine in 1965, recording a demo which he then sent to the ESP-Disk label; the company quickly signed the group, and they soon travelled to New York to record their superb 1967 debut One Nation Underground, which went on to sell some 250,000 copies.The explicitly anti-war Balaklava, widely regarded as Pearls Before Swine's finest work, followed in 1968; the group -- by this time essentially comprising Rapp and whoever else was in the studio at the moment -- moved to Reprise for 1969's
These Things Too, mounting their first-ever tour in the wake of releasing The Use of Ashes a year later. Two more albums, City of Gold and Beautiful Lies You Could Live In, followed in 1971; moving to Blue Thumb, Rapp resurfaced as a solo artist with 1972's Stardancer, but upon the release of Sunforest a year later he retired from music, subsequently becoming a civil rights attorney. Frequently cited as a key influence by the likes of Damon & Naomi, the Bevis Frond and the Japanese psych band Ghost, Rapp made an unexpected return to live performance in mid-1998 when he appeared at the Terrastock festival in Providence, RI, joining son Dave and his indie-pop band Shy Camp; he soon began work on the 1999 release A Journal of the Plague Year, his first new LP in over two decades.
Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

Grace Street. (Rapp) 3:05 The Jeweler. (Rapp) 3:26 Rocket Man. (Rapp) 3:01 Snow Queen. (Rapp) 3:42 If You Don't Want To I Don't Mind. (Rapp) 3:14 Charly And The Lady. (Rapp) 3:19 Margery. (Rapp) 3:08 Medley:Full Phantom Five & I Shall Not Care. (Rapp) 2:54 There Things Too. (Rapp) 3:37 Sail Away. (Rapp) 3:45

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Skylark - plays Woodstock on Midnight Special 1973

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No Budget - Fest 08 At Garden Theater - Larisa City

Το φεστιβάλ θα πραγματοποιηθεί στη Λάρισα, το τριήμερο 29, 30 και 31 Αυγούστου 2008 με φιλανθρωπικό χαρακτήρα Τα έσοδα θα διατεθούν σε συγκεκριμένο ίδρυμα της Λάρισας, που θα κοινοποιηθεί όμως μετά την απόφαση των συνδιοργανωτών.
Χώρος: Κηποθέατρο
Εισιτήριο: 5 euro
The festival will be realised in Larissa, the three-day 29, 30 and 31 August 2008 with charitable character the income will be sold in concrete institution of Larissa, that will be communicated however afterwards the decision fest managers. Location: Garden Theater -Ticket: 5 euro
for more info here & here & here

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Summer Days

Time For Relax , for a few days holidays.See you all soon !

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Isaac Hayes - R.I.P. (1942 - 2008)

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Dr.Strangely Strange - Halcyon Days (Irish1969-1970 Unreleased UK Folkrock) (re.2007)

Irish folk group formed in Dublin in 1967 by Tim Booth (vocals and guitar) (born Timothy Booth, 6 September 1943, in County Kildare, Ireland) and Ivan Pawle bass (born 17 August 1943, in England) and keyboards).

Dr. Strangely Strange were an experimental

Dr Strangely Strange originally formed in Dublin in 1967. After signing with Island Records, they released their debut LP, Kip of the Serenes, in 1969. Eventually the group became a springboard for a new generation of Irish rock, helping to launch the careers of Phil Lynott & Gary Moore. Hux is now proud to announce news of this previously unreleased album by Dr Strangely Strange, dating from their classic period, 1969/70. Halcyon Days contains ten archive tracks (mostly produced by Joe Boyd) which were recently discovered in the Island vaults. As bonus tracks, the CD includes 3 new songs, recorded last year in Kip of the Serenes acoustic style. The album is presented in a limited edition digi-pack, with a 32 page booklet, featuring extensive liner notes & band history, rare photographs and full song lyrics to every track.

1. Cock-A Doodle-Doo 2. Sweet Red Rape 3. Existence Now 4. Good Evening Mr Woods 5. Going To Poulaphouca 6. Mirror Mirror 7. Horse Of A Different Hue 8. Lady Of The Glen 9. HMS Avenger 10. Cock-A-Doodle-Doo (Acoustic Version)Bonus tracks: 11. Le Le Rockin' Sound 12. The Invisible Kid 13. Halcyon Days

An experimental Irish folk group closely affiliated with the Incredible String Band, Dr. Strangely Strange was formed in Dublin in 1967 by vocalist/guitarist Tim Booth and bassist/keyboardist Ivan Pawle (vocals/bass/keyboards). Soon they teamed with multi-instrumentalist Tim Goulding, an aspiring painter, and began living and rehearsing in a house owned by Goulding's girlfriend, backing vocalist OrphanAnnie (a.k.a. Annie Xmas), which its tenants nicknamed "The Orphanage." After signing with the Incredible String Band's producer and manager Joe Boyd, Dr. Strangely Strange debuted in 1969 with Kip of the Serenes. While on tour with Fotheringay, they enlisted drummer Neil Hopwood, and later in the year appeared on the String Band's Changing Horses LP. After 1970's Heavy Petting, Dr. Strangely Strange began falling apart: Goulding left to enter to a Buddhist monastery, while Pawle and Booth teamed with Gay and Terry Woods for a brief tour. The group soon disbanded, but they reunited in 1973 for an Irish tour, and briefly reconvened again in the early 1980s, Eventually Booth established a second Orphanage which became a springboard for a new generation of Irish rock, helping launch the careers of Thin Lizzy's Phil Lynott, Gary Moore and others. ~ Jason Ankeny, All Music Guide

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De Danann - the mist covered mountain (Irish Celtic Folk 1980)

De Dannan
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
De Dannan (originally Dé Danann) was an Irish folk music group. They were formed by Frankie Gavin (fiddle), Alec Finn (guitar, bouzouki), Johnny "Ringo" McDonagh (bodhrán) and Charlie Piggott (banjo) as a result of sessions in Hughes's Pub in Spiddal, County Galway, subsequently inviting Dolores Keane (vocals) to join the band. They named themselves Dé Danann after the legendary Irish tribe, Tuatha Dé Danann.
The group released their eponymous debut album Dé Danann in 1975. Keane left to marry John Faulkner in 1977. (Multi-instrumentalist Faulkner recorded 3 folk albums together with singer Keane.) To fill the vacancy, Dé Danann brought in Johnny Moynihan for the second album Selected Jigs Reels and Songs, which featured a bodhrán solo by McDonagh (this album has never been released on CD, reportedly because the master tapes were lost). The Mist Covered Mountain featured various older traditional singers, and on Star-Spangled Molly they were joined by Maura O'Connell. For reasons that have never been made clear, they changed the spelling of the group from "Dé Danann" to "De Dannan".
After the departure of Maura, they brought in Mary Black for two albums. Like Maura and Dolores before her, she has gone on to explore country, blues and jazz, hopping backwards and forwards between Nashville and Dublin. After Mary Black, Dolores Keane returned to the fold for two albums. Other singers with the group have included Eleanor Shanley, Tommy Fleming and Andrew Murray.
On the instrumental side, Frankie Gavin and Alec Finn were the only constant members of the group. Jackie Daly (accordion) is a star in his own right and later went on to join the group Patrick Street. In 1980 De Dannan had a surprise hit single in Ireland with the Beatles song Hey Jude. As an indication of their diversity, they also recorded Handel's "Arrival of the Queen of Sheba" (which they jokingly retitled "The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba in Galway"), Bohemian Rhapsody, and Jewish klezmer tunes, learned from bluegrass superstar, Andy Statman.

@@@De Dannan - Live at the Embankment (1976)@@@

listen live on Last Fm

Celtic Music: De Dannan


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Loudovikos Ton Anoyion - Bit Mpazar with Maryo (2004 - World Ethnik Trad.Music,Greece)

''Another gift for this summer holidays ''
Loudovikos Ton Anoyion - Bit Mpazar with Maryo 2004

Anti -prologue :Monday 18th June 2001 {Eliza Carthy, Loudovikos}
Singer-fiddler ELIZA CARTHY - of English folkdom's "first family - is not about to spurn her musical inheritance.. but nor will she be limited by it. Witness her definitely-contemporary new set of sometimes startling original songs {dad even drags out his Les Paul!}. At night we're in the mountains of Crete with LOUDOVIKOS, a writer of hauntingly romantic songs who has also helped the mandolin reclaim its "rightful place" in Cretan music.

The "folk police" may wish to have her placed under arrest and those offended by challengingly direct lyrics may also be displeased, but ELIZA CARTHY's "Angels & Cigarettes" rewards close attention. It has many of the usual pop trappings - lots of overdubbing and programmed percussion - but also has what most pop albums lack: substance and teeth.. and a couple of marvellously bizarre arrangements by Van Dyke Parks.

Loudovikos ton Anogion, live in the castle of Frangokastello, Sfakia, Drossoulites Festival, Creta Island.

The lurid, schmaltzeroso cover and a subtitle which says "the gentle voice from Greece" do not inspire confidence, but LOUDOVIKOS and friends make some truly beautiful music (as opposed to "beautiful" muzak). Compiled from three of his Greek releases,"The Colours of Love" presents Loudovikos as author and mandolinist as well as husky, yearning singer. He's a very fine player, as are his colleagues, and the music is strongly connected to Crete in particular (he comes from a mountain village there).From The Daily Planet.
Loudovikos was born in Anoghia, on the foot of mt. Psiloritis, Crete. His childhood, full of domestic chores, was a tough one. He was helping his family as a shepherd; transporting cheese and lumber from the mountain back to his village was one of his daily duties. However, Loudovikos was into painting and this hobby helped him to escape his daily routine, make some money and travel throughout Europe.His career in music began while Manos Hadjidakis was in Anogia to participate in cultural event. Manos heard by chance Loudovikos and his friends playing mandolins and singing. That was the beginning of a long journey. Loudovikos, with the immense help of Manos Hadjidakis, recorded his first disk in 1985, under the title ‘Mirologia’, an anthology of Cretan funeral and mourning songs.(From the Official site) @@@@@@@@

Το "Μπιτ - Μαζάρ" είναι μια μικρή γειτονιά παλαιοπωλείων στην Θεσσαλονίκη. Στις αγορές των αναμνήσεων οι παλιατζήδες και οι χασομέρηδες αγοραστές μένουν πάντα οι ίδιοι. Χωμένοι στα σκοτεινά μαγαζάκια ανακαλύπτουν αλλά κυρίως πλάθουν τους μύθους. Φωτογραφίες, κομπολόγια, αδημικά, ρολόγια, ραπτομηχανές, παιχνίδια, έπιπλα, ξαναζούν. Το "Μπιτ - Μαζάρ" μοιάζει να μην το αγγίζει ο χρόνος. Το βράδυ τα μικρά ταβερνάκια γεμίζουν νέους που φτιάχνουν έναν παράδεισο, μια εικόνα μέλλοντος. Σ' αυτήν την "αγορά του τίποτα" κι εντέλει των πάντων, ένα βράδυ με τον Φίλιππο Γράψα καθισμένοι στο "ΟΙΝΟΣ & ΠΑΛΙΑ", το ταβερνάκι της ωραίας Ηλιάνας, ανοίξαμε τις μικρές ιστορίες των νέων τραγουδιών. (Λουδοβίκος των Ανωγείων, από το ένθετο βιβλιαράκι του cd). (musical.gr)

Official website of Loudovikos of Anogia!
Official site dedicated to the famous cretan singer from Anogia, Cretan Island.

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Madredeus - 1997 O Paraiso (World Ethnik Trad.Music Portugal)

''this wil be a gift for this summer holidays ''
The band's founding members were Pedro Ayres Magalhães (Classical guitar), Rodrigo Leão (keyboard synthesizer), Francisco Ribeiro (cello), Gabriel Gomes (accordion) and Teresa Salgueiro (vocals). Magalhães and Leão formed the band in 1985, Ribeiro and Gomes joined in 1986. They'd been searching for a female singer, and found Teresa Salgueiro in one of Lisbon's night clubs. Teresa liked their music and agreed to join, so in 1987 Madredeus recorded their first album, Os dias da Madredeus.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Portuguese group Madredeus comprises vocalist Teresa Salgueiro, guitarists Jose Peixoto and Pedro Ayres Magalhaes, violin player Francisco Ribeiro, harmonica player Gabriel Gomes, and keyboard player Rodrigo Leao. Influenced by the music of Lisbon, the band travelled throughout Europe and became especially popular in Belgium. Madredeus' debut album Os Dias da Madredeus was released in 1987 followed three years later by Existir and Lisboa Live in 1992 on Blue Note; the group also appeared in the 1994 Wim Wenders film Lisbon Story (Viagem A Lisboa), in which Ayres Magalhaes and Salgueiro played quite prominent roles. In 1995, two albums followed, Ainda and O Espiritu Da Paz. Other releases include 1999's O Porto. Antologia followed a year later. Movimento, which was issued in summer 2001. Madredeus' musical machine continued into the next year; he switched up his inviting nature for the eclectic electronic remix effort Electronico in summer 2002. ~ John Bush, All Music Guide

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Shirley and Dolly Collins - Adieu To Old England (UK Trad. Folk 1974)

"Shirley Collins is without doubt one of England's greatest cultural treasures"-Billy Bragg

albums. Their style may be a bit dry and rarified for the casual folk fan, but if you're on their wavelength, there's nothing else like it.

Topic Records 12TS238 (LP, UK, 1974) (only track 1-14)

One of the starker and more hyper-traditional folk revival acts, sisters Shirley and Dolly Collins greatly widened the Brit-folk repertoire with their tireless resarch and the inventive arrangements of their odd, otherworldly Review Originally released in 1974, this album continues Shirley Collins' exploration not only of traditional English folk songs, but also English tradition itself, whether on "Coronation Jig," written for the return of King Charles II in 1660, or "Portsmouth," taken from Playford's ancient book, The Dancing Master. While her focus, given her own history there, is on the music and songs of southern England, she does venture further north for a stirring "Horkstow Grange," a song reported to have been written by the name who gave Steeleye Span their name. Some of the arrangements, by sister Dolly Collins, evoke the medieval origins of these songs, while others bring to life the rural past of tales like "Chiner's Song." But Collins is far more than a dry scholar. She loves this music. It's in her blood, and she understands it innately, which is why her performances are so memorable. Her voice might be untrained, and often artless, but she stirs on a rendition of "The Ram of Derbish Town" in a way no "real" singer could. From Morris Men and Mummer's plays, this is a celebration of the real old England, the laborers who preserved the songs of the past, handed down in their families, and who commemorated festivals like Harvest Home, long since lost to urban societies. So, in part, this is a history lesson, but it's also pure pleasure of the past, brought fully alive in the modern days. And to round it all off, a 1972 track -- with electric guitar -- brings old folk into modern folk-rock quite perfectly. ~ Chris Nickson, All Music Guide

Adieu To Old England
Shirley Collins (Banjo Guitar ,Vocals), Bob Stewart (Tuba), Simon Nicol (Guitar ,Vocals), Dolly Collins (Flute ,Arranger ,Vocals), Trevor Crozier, Pat Donaldson (Bass), John Harrington (Vocals), Ian Holder (Accordion), Bill Molan (Percussion ,Vocals ,Melodion), Terry Potter (Harmonica,Mouth Organ), Geoff Singleton (Fiddle ,Percussion ,Violin,Vocals), Roger Swallow (Drums),

Derek Tompkins (Engineer), David Suff (Drawing) John Harrington (Conductor), John Watcham (Conductor), Ashley Hutchings (Producer)
Shirley and Dolly Collins - Adieu To Old England

Re-issue CD - Fledg'ling Recordings FLED 3023 (CD, UK, May 1999)Bonus Track 15
Musical arrangements by Dolly CollinsRecorded by Derek Tomkins at Beck Studios, Wellinborough and Nic Kinsey at Livingstone Studios, London.Track 15 was recorded live at 'The Howff', London, on December 31, 1972.Produced by Ashley Hutchings

Listen live on Last FM
1. Mistress's Health/Lumps Of Plum Pudding
2. Down By The Seaside
3. Chiner's Song
4. Adieu To Old England
5. Ashen Faggot Wassail
6. I Sing Of A Maiden That Is Makeless
7. The Banks Of Sweet Mossom
8. The Ram Of Derbish Town
9. Portsmouth
10. Horkstow Grange
11. Come All You Little Streamers
12. Spaniard's Cry: Sherborne Jig
13. One Night As I Lay On My Bed
14. The Death Of Nelson

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