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Oregon - Distant Hills ( US JazzWorld 1973 Vanguard Records)

1973Distant HillsVanguard VMD 79341

Collin Walcott (percussion, tabla, sitar, dulcimer, 1970-84),

Glen Moore (bass, clarinet, viola, piano),

Paul McCandless (bass clarinet, oboe, horn, soprano sax, synthesizer, wind ),

Ralph Towner (flugelhorn, classical guitar, piano, percussion, 12 string guitar, guitar, Hammond organ)

Towner, McCandless, Moore, and Collin Walcott (percussion, sitar, tabla) met as members of world music pioneer Paul Winter's "Consort" ensemble in the late 1960s. Their contributions were seminal in establishing the Winter Consort "sound" in compositions like Towner's "Icarus."
The four musicians broke away from Winter in 1970 to form their own group, Oregon (Towner and Moore met while students at the University of Oregon). They recorded their first record in 1970, but the label, Increase Records, went out of business before it could be released. (It was released by Vanguard in 1980 as Our First Record.) The group's first release was Music of Another Present Era in 1972. With that debut and its follow-ups Distant Hills and Winter Light (all on Vanguard), Oregon established itself as one of the leading improvisational groups of its day, blending Indian and Western classical music with jazz, folk, space music and avant-garde elements. The group released numerous albums on Vanguard throughout the 1970s, then made three records for Elektra. After a couple years hiatus devoted to their individual projects, the group resumed recording for ECM in 1983.
During a 1984 concert tour, Walcott was killed in an automobile accident in East Germany. Oregon temporarily disbanded, but reformed by 1987 to record Ecotopia (its final album for ECM) with new percussionist Trilok Gurtu. Gurtu made two further records as a member of the group, but by 1993 he had left; the group recorded two albums as a trio after his departure. With new member Mark Walker on drum kit, Oregon assumed a more conventional jazz orientation beginning with the 1996 album Northwest Passage. In 2001 the ensemble traveled to Moscow, Russia to record with the Moscow Tchaikovsky Orchestra. The recording garnered four Grammy nominations.
The group enjoys an avid and eclectic following. Apollo astronauts took a recording of Oregon's music to the moon and named two lunar craters after compositions by the ensemble "Icarus" and "Ghost Beads".From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One of the earliest and finest exponents of world jazz, Oregon began life in 1970 as an offshoot of the Paul Winter Consort, in which the group's original members had played. From the beginning, the band eschewed most jazz conventions. Percussionist Collin Walcott played tabla, sitar, and dulcimer, among other instruments, but did not use a trap set; bassist Glen Moore doubled on clarinet, viola, and piano, and its front line was formed by a double-reedist (Paul McCandless) and an acoustic guitarist (Ralph Towner). The band's music differed from much of what had heretofore been considered jazz. The concept of blues and swing was given a much-reduced prominence in favor of other, less literal forms of tonal and rhythmic organization. For example, Indian ragas would occasionally replace chord changes, and talas would supplant swing time. The group's dynamic approach was quieter than typical by jazz standards, and their overall aesthetic somewhat introspective. Improvisation was central to the band's work, however, and in this sense their music is most firmly in the jazz tradition. Oregon's music is characterized by a heightened method of ensemble interaction, a rapt attention to timbral contrast, and an openness to any and all cultural influences. After Walcott's death in a car accident in 1984, the group disbanded for a time, before eventually replacing him with percussionist Trilok Gurtu. ~ Chris Kelsey, All Music Guide

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Lazy Farmer - Lazy Farmer (UK 1975 British Folk Rock)

This 1975 ultra-rarity was released only in Germany. Featuring the talents of band member and British guitar legend Wizz Jones as well as ex-COB member John Bidwell, it's a haunting collection of beautifully-arranged folk standards and original songs, along with a handful of glorious cover versions. This release has been produced with the full collaboration of the band, as originals are now highly sought-after. This is the first chance to hear it without paying hundreds of pounds

Wizz Jones: Guitar, Vocals
Sandy Jones: Five-String Banjo, Vocals
Don Coging: Five-String Banjo
John Bidwell: Flute, Flageolet, Guitar, Vocal
Jake Walton: Dulcimer, Hurdy-Gurdy, Guitar, Vocal

Origin: Cornwall, UKReleased: 1975/Songbird, 2005/Sunbeam
Produced by Carsten Linde and Lazy Farmer
Engineered by Conny Plank
Recorded at Conny's Studio, Neunkirchen, West Germany in January 1975.
Cover designs by Jerken Diederich and Annette Welke
This album is respectfully dedicated to the American banjo player John Burke, whose book 'Fiddle Tunes For The Banjo' inspired the formation of Lazy Farmer

by Richie Unterberger
Most noted for the presence of guitarist-singer Wizz Jones, a longtime staple of the English folk scene, Lazy Farmer managed to record one rare, German-only LP in the mid-'70s during their brief existence.
The band came together in 1973 in Cornwall, England, with Jones, his banjo-playing wife Sandy Jones, multi-instrumentalist John Bidwell (who'd been part of C.O.B. with ex-Incredible String Band member Clive Palmer), and Bidwell's flatmate and fellow multi-instrumentalist Jake Walton. After doing some gigging in Cornwall, they were joined by another banjo player, Don Coging, and played on four tracks on Wizz Jones' 1973 solo album When I Leave Berlin. Jones was doing a lot of touring in Germany at the time, and his German manager got Lazy Farmer a record deal with the German EMI subsidiary Songbird. Recorded near Cologne, Germany, in January 1975, their self-titled LP was accomplished if standard 1970s British folk, largely devoted to traditional material, although a song each by Wizz Jones, Ralph McTell, and Derroll Adams was included. After a German tour in 1975, the band broke up, though their album was restored to wide availability with a CD reissue in 2005.

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Bruce Springsteen - We Shall Overcome: The Pete Seeger Sessions 2006

This is Springsteen's first and so far only album of non-Springsteen material and contains his interpretation of thirteen folk music songs written or made popular by activist folk musician Pete Seeger and recorded in an informal, large band setting. On it he hired a group of lesser-known musicians from New Jersey and New York, augmented by Patti Scialfa, Soozie Tyrell, and The Miami Horns, who had all contributed to previous albums. Pete_Seeger

The album was Springsteen's second consecutive non-E Street Band, non-rock music project. The critical reception to the album was very positive, with E! Online calling it his "best album since Nebraska [1] and All Music Guide labeling it "rambunctious, freewheeling, [and] positively joyous".[2] PopMatters called it a "a sonic transfusion on the order of the Mermaid Avenue records".[3], which were Woody Guthrie songs recorded by Billy Bragg and Wilco.
The album, like its predecessor Devils and Dust, has been released on DualDisc, in a CD/DVD double disc set, and as a set of two vinyl records.
For the DualDisc and CD/DVD sets, the full album is on the CD(-side), while the DVD(-side) side features a PCM Stereo version of the album and a short film about the making and recording of the album. Two bonus songs also appear on the DVD(-side).
The subsequent Bruce Springsteen with The Seeger Sessions Band Tour took this musical approach even further.
On October 3, 2006, the album was reissued as We Shall Overcome: The Seeger Sessions - American Land Edition with five additional tracks (the two bonus tracks from before and three new numbers that had been introduced and heavily featured on the tour), new videos, an expanded documentary and liner notes. Added sales were minimal.

Bruce Springsteen – lead vocals, guitar, harmonica, B3 organ, and percussion
Frank Bruno – guitar
Jeremy Chatzky – upright bass
Charles Giordano – B3 organ, piano, and accordion
Ed Manion – saxophone
Art Baron – tuba
Richie "La Bamba" Rosenberg – trombone, backing vocals
Mark Pender – trumpet, backing vocals
Mark Clifford – banjo

Sam Bardfeld – violin
Soozie Tyrell – violin, backing vocals
Larry Eagle – drums and percussion
Patti Scialfa – backing vocals

get it here enjoy

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Donovan, Shawn Phillips, and Rev. Gary Davis on Rainbow Quest with Pete Seeger (Episode 23)

In 1966 Pete Seeger invited Shawn Phillips, Donovan and Rev. Gary Davis on his show
''Rainbow Quest''

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Shawn Phillips - Contribution (1970)

Shawn Phillips (born February 3, 1943) helped define folk-rock in the 1960s and progressive-new-age rock in the 1970s.
...an artist of such raw talent, ambition and good will... Phillips' main attraction is still his voice. Reedy and flexible, with a remarkable falsetto, it is a potent dramatic instrument.
Rolling Stone Magazine
The Shawn Phillips music. Kaleidoscopic and organic. Flowing. Living for a time. Incorporating every musical style from Bulgarian to quarter tone to African. But going its own way. Fulfilling one of the prerequisites of art -- It doesn't leave you feeling quite the same.

Shawn Phillips Guitar, Sitar, Vocals
Adrian Gaye Guitar
Chris Wood Wind
Paul Buckmaster, Mick Weaver, Steve Winwood Keyboards
Peter Robinson Percussion, Keyboards
Mox Harmonica
Chris Mercer Saxophone
Jim Capaldi, Candy John Carr Drums
Jimmy Coff , Remi Kabaka Percussion
Producer: Jonathan Weston for Philjo Music Inc.
Engineer: Robin Cable at Trident Studios, London, England
Shawn Phillips has almost twenty albums to his credit (of which millions have been sold) and a host of associations with some of the most respected names in the industry including Donovan, Paul Buckmaster, J Peter Robinson, Eric Clapton, Steve Winwood and many others, yet he is virtually forgotten except by his cadre of loyal fans. The Texas-born singer/songwriter was called "The best kept secret in the music business," by the late rock impresario Bill Graham.
Beginning in the 1960s, Phillips made noteworthy contributions to popular music. He performed at the "Isle of Wight" festival and was cast to play the lead in the original production of "Jesus Christ Superstar" (he had to withdraw due to his heavy recording and touring schedule.)
Throughout the 60s Phillips worked the folk music scene in San Francisco's Haight-Ashbury, New York's Greenwich Village, and London. In 1967 Phillips moved to Positano, Italy, where he remained throughout the 1970s, writing some of his most well known work.

This period produced the albums 'Contribution', 'Second Contribution', 'Collaboration' and 'Faces".
Four of his albums "Faces," "Bright White," "Furthermore" and "Do You Wonder" made it into the Billboard Top 100. In addition, the singles, "Lost Horizon," "We" and "Woman" made Billboard's top 40. One of the most sought after Christmas songs is Phillips' 1970 45rpm release of "A Christmas Song" on A&M 1238. The track is now available on the re-issue of Faces.
His latest album, 'No Category' featuring his longtime collaborators Paul Buckmaster and Peter Robinson was released in 2002.
Today Shawn lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa dividing his time between writing, touring, and his work as an emergency medical technician (EMT) and firefighter.
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Long John Baldry - It Ain't Easy (1971 UK British Rock Blues)

According to extensive notes about Long John Baldry's career in the re-release 2005 CD, Rod Stewart was brought on board to produce "It Ain't Easy" for Warner Brothers. Soon after in 1970, Stewart met Reg Dwight (later taking the name Elton John) at a party and the piano player joined on, too. Stewart and John each produced half of this bluesy album, with John contributing much of the piano work. Stewart brought in mate Ron Wood to play guitar, as well as many others who would appear on Stewart's Every Picture Tells a Story, released later in 1971.
The Baldry album features his biggest U.S. hit, "Don't Try to Lay No Boogie-Woogie on the King of Rock and Roll." In the liner notes, Baldry notes how Stewart's loose and late-night recording sessions affected the tracks, "especially those recorded on my thirtieth birthday when he showed up with cases of Remy Martin cognac and several measures of good quality champagne!" Baldry points out that "Don't Try to Lay No Boogie-Woogie on the King of the Rock and Roll" was recorded "whilst laying on the floor.'

L.J.Baldry - vocals
Ian Armit - piano
Sammy Mitchell - guitar
Pete Sears (Jefferson Starship) - bass
Mickey Waller - drums

The 1971 release also features "Black Girl," the centuries-old American folk song most associated with Lead Belly, though covered by the likes of Bob Dylan, the Grateful Dead, Dolly Parton and Nirvana. Baldry does an impressive version singing with Maggie Bell, who also appeared on Every Picture Tells a Story.
"It Ain't Easy" also includes Willie Dixon's classic "I'm Ready" and an Elton John-Bernie Taupin song, "Rock Me When He's Gone". The story goes that John, a budding star in the early 1970s, took his last name from Long John Baldry.

John William Baldry, popularly known as Long John Baldry, (January 12, 1941July 21, 2005) was a blues singer from England. He sang with many notable British musicians, with Rod Stewart and Elton John appearing in bands led by Baldry at various stages of the 1960s. He enjoyed pop success in the UK where "Let the Heartaches Begin" reached No. 1 in 1967 and in Australia where his duet with Kathi McDonald "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'" reached No. 2 in the charts in 1980. Baldry lived in Canada from the late 1970s until his death, where he continued to make records and do voiceover work. He is known by a younger generation as the voice of Dr. Robotnik in Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog.

(january .12.1941 - july .21.2005)

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Goose Creek Symphony - Established (The First Album 1970 US Psychedelic Jam Band Folk Country Rock)

If the Grateful Dead had come from Kentucky instead of San Francisco, they might have sounded much like these guys. "This song might sound kinda strange, but it's got more soul than Home on the Range," they accurately sing in "Talk About Goose Creek and Other Important Places," an eight-minute psychedelic showstopper complete with Beatles-style tape tricks. This album is a fun listen that can suck even a city slicker into a stoned, good-time, backhills vibe.

The Goose Creek Symphony is an American rock band, originally a side project for Richie Hart and the Heart Beats and best known for their 1972 cover of Janis Joplin's song, Mercedes Benz. The band signed to Capitol Records in 1970, and new members were added: Mike McFadden of Superfine Dandelion, Bob Henke, Fred Wise on banjo and fiddle and Paul Spradlin, a guitarist credited as Paul Howard. They continued recorded to 1976, then reformed in 1990. The band has continued touring to popular acclaim

Paul Howard Guitar, Vocals Charles Gearheart Acoustic Guitar Michael McFadden & Paul Spradlin Guitars Bob Henke Guitar Keyboards, Vocals Pat Moore & David Birkett Bass Chris Lockheart Drums Jim Tolles & Fred Wise Fiddle Harold Williams & Randall Bramblett Horns Goose Creek Symphony Producer Steve Forman Horn Arrangements Tim Ramsey Engineer

AMG Biography
by Zac Johnson
Goose Creek Symphony found its roots in the Phoenix, AZ, area originally as a countrified side project for Richie Hart & the Heart Beats. Vocalist and guitarist Charles Gearheart (aka Richie Hart) spent his childhood "up Goose Creek Hollow" in Floyd County, KY, and when he put together his good-time country-rock group, he drew upon his home's rich musical heritage as well as its name. In 1970, Gearheart and a group of local studio musicians assembled a handful of songs and presented them to Capitol Records.

Capitol signed his project, forcing Gearheart to assemble a touring group. Banjo player and fiddler Fred Weisz was brought in to complement existing guitarists Paul Spradlin (listed as "Paul Howard" on the album), Bob Henke ("Williard"), Mike McFadden (following the breakup of his psychedelic group Superfine Dandelion), as well as a rotating cast of bassists and drummers.With a sound very similar to what the Band was doing at the same time, Goose Creek Symphony were rock & rollers who played a very faithful brand of country music, all the while layering rhythms and harmonies along the same lines as Buffalo Springfield and the Grateful Dead.

They released albums through the mid-'70s, with that streak ending in a long hiatus from 1976 to 1990, when the group decided to re-form and record again.Their marriage of earthy instrumentation and easygoing vibes have been able to give the group a certain longevity. Into their third decade, Goose Creek Symphony is drawing strong groups of fans to their summer festival appearances, similar to what the Dead and Jimmy Buffett have known.

Charlie Gearheart today

Goose Creek Symphony has developed their own style of jam-band original Americana music since the mid-'60's. They perform at the Jammin at Hippie Jack's Americana Music Festival in Overton County, TN.

Goose Creek Symphony is considered by many to be one of the most original bands of their time. Major record labels (Capitol & Columbia) of the 60s/early 70s didn't know what to do with a band that played a mixture of rock and roll, folk, jazz and country with an undeniable hillbilly influence, a hippie attitude and a reckless sense of instrumental daring. They used horns and fiddles as well as effects and blended it with psychedelic rock and roll. The true definition of "Cosmic American Music".

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David Bromberg with Jorma Kaukonen at the Vic Theater, Chicago, 1/18/86

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Babe Ruth - First Base (UK 1972 Heavy Prog.)

BABE RUTH was a band that formed in Hatfield, Hertfordshire, England, in 1971. Guitarist Alan Shacklock founded this progressive rock band. They had a rhythmic, bluesy, guitar orientated sound capped off by the blistering vocals of Jenny Hahn. Rounded out by Chris Holmes (keyboards and organ), Dave Punshon (piano), Dave Hewitt, (bass) and Dick Powell, (drums) this British band always put on a great live show. Jennie Hahn's raw powerful vocals, and Alan Shacklock's magnificent guitar work made for a true signature sound. With very varied eclectic tastes they covererd song like FRANK ZAPPA's "King Kong", and Curtis Mayfield's "We People Darker Than Blue". They enjoyed moderate commercial success in Britain, Canada, and the States, but were plagued by personnel problems, and lack of radio airplay. When vocalist Jennie Hahn left the band for parts unknown, the band lost direction and never regained its initial success. I became aware of them through Boston progressive radio where their great song "The Mexican" became a minor hit. Their 1972 album "First Base", with its cover art by famed YES artist, Roger Dean, remains one of my most favorite albums to this day. I suggest you give this album a listen, because it is simply one of the best rock albums of all time. Although long gone, BABE RUTH should never be forgotten
Studio Album, released in 1972 LP Harvest SHSP 4022
Track Listings
1. Wells Fargo (6:17)
2. The Runaways (7:27)
3. King Kong (6:44)
4. Black Dog (8:03)
5. The Mexican (5:49)
6. Joker (7:43)

Total Time: 42:03
Janita Haan / lead vocals - Dave Hewitt / bass- Dick Powell / drums - Dave Punshon / piano- Alan Shacklock / guitar, vocals, organ, percussion

Review by Trotsky
Babe Ruth isn't about symphonic prog, doesn't really stray into the realm of jazz-rock and is light years away from psychedelic spacey stuff. Nah, this is an altogether more primal beast that might just be too "simple" for many proggers. First Base, at least, is all about earthy blues rock with some distinct progressive touches and at least one great soloist. Standing astride it all, however is the immense raw power of lead vocalist Jennie Haan. My abiding memory of Babe Ruth will always be the sheer intensity of Haan's delivery on the opening track Wells Fargo. Over a Zeppelin-esque heavy blues riff, she simply rams an incredibly powerful vocal down our throats in a way that will leave Janis Joplin fans drooling. Factor in some meaty saxophone moments from guest Brent Carter and its easy to see why Wells Fargo is still seen as Babe Ruth's signature tune.Babe Ruth then pulls off a stunning change of pace with its "other" classic tune, The Runaways, an expressive song that starts life as folky ballad with Haan accompanied by oboe and a mass of cellos. Halfway through the drums announce themselves and the band takes off on a laidback instrumental exploration led by Dave Punshon's electric piano. Punshon is probably the unsung hero of a group dominated by guitarist/keyboardist Alan Shacklock's compositions and Haan's vocals, but he lays down a few markers on this album.

The rest of the album builds on that steady mix of powerful Haan vocals, great soloing from Punshon, and to a lesser extent Shacklock, but one does feel that the rhythm players are somewhat stodgy, although it could be argued that the compositions are to blame for this. The Frank Zappa cover King Kong for example, is initially rhythmically dull before some excellent jazzy solos from Punshon and Shacklock push drummer Dick Powell to some explosive playing. Incidentally, the liner notes inform us that King Kong "was recorded straight with no overdubbing or electronic trickery"!Black Dog is a slow-burning bluesy exploration with another passionate turn from Haan, with some fancy blues-jazz solos from Punshon first on electric piano and then on piano, before the lady returns halfway through the song with Shacklock's guitar wailing alongside her. The Mexican is an unusual blues-rock song that takes a totally unlikely detour with a jam based on Ennio Morricone's melody from A Few Dollars More (!!!) and the concluding track Joker is another classic heavy blues tune, riding on Punshon's electric piano while Haan and Shacklock trade lead vocals.This is good clean fun, but I have to say that there are literally hundreds of "proggier" bands out there that will need to be investigated before you try Babe Ruth.

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Between - Dharana (1974 Germany Kraut Psych.Indian Cosmic Ambient) Blows Your Mind!!!

In 1970, Peter Michael Hamel founded BETWEEN, an international band specialised in improvisational / « ethnic » rock music. The name Between comes from the fact that Hamel's music is originaly "in-between", always making a combination between "popular music" and "serious music". The classical musician Robert Eliscu (born American), responsible of oboe parts in POPOL VUH can be considered as the major member of the musical tribe next to Peter Michael Hamel. With a small community of six members, BETWEEN recorded its first album “Einstieg” in 1971. It directly announces the musical orientation to come, timeless ethnic rock compositions, mixing together several acoustic instruments (bongo, flute…) to folk and jazz. “And the waters openened” recorded in 1973 carries on improvisations and acoustic exploration, played in a rather “spacey” rock atmosphere, sometimes closed to krautrock, weird flavour. “Dharana” (1974) is seen as a classic album and marks a new step in the launch of “world” music. It contains long epic, acoustic pieces with a few minimalist, oriental accents. “Hesse Between Music” (1975) is a concept album, always improvised, featuring Indian scales and recitation. During and after BETWEEN’s career, the front man Peter Michael Hamel has developed the possibilities of spiritual effects of music on mind thanks to a great variety of solo albums in search of East meets West.



ALBUMS (up to '76):

(A)"Einstieg" (Wergo SM 1001) 1971
(B)"And The Waters Opened" (Vertigo 6360 612) 1973
(B)"Dharana" (Vertigo 6360 619) 1974
(B)"Hesse Between Music" (Electrola 1C 062-29546) 1975



Between has to be one of the most international bands of all times! The six members that recorded the debut album Einstieg (1971) came from four different nations. The group were formed in 1970 on the initiative of Peter-Michael Hamel as Between The Chairs, but as this expression has different meanings in German and English, the name was soon shortened to Between. Hamel had studied composition since 1967 and wanted to create a new musical genre (an ambitious man!), between (pun!) all the existing ones. The other German of the band, Ulrich Stranz, had a similar academic background. The American Robert Eliscu came to Germany in the late sixties to play with the Munich and Berlin philharmonic orchestras. Another American citizen, Cotch Black, played tablas and percussion. Roberto Detree was an Argentinean and had played Spanish guitar in classical folk music ensembles in his homeland. He also built musical instruments.
James Galway joined briefly as sixth member before the recording of Einstieg, (released October 1971 on the Wergo label) he was a critically acclaimed musician well known for his classical music recordings. The album included several short tracks, recorded at the Staatliche Musik-hochschule in Munich, plus a 9 1/2 minute avant-garde piece, "Space Ship", recorded in Berlin. Between demonstrated their ability to play different styles (jazz, folk and avant-garde), but did not manage to merge these styles. Most successful was Eliscu's "Katakomben" and Hamel's "Triumphzug Kaiser Maximillian". Those tracks had a dramatic atmosphere with wordless vocals, bongo rhythms, oboe, flute and organ. Also interesting were the tracks grounded on Detree's roots in South-American folk music. The more free-form numbers "Memories" and "Flight Of Ideas" were uninspired improvisations with an ethnic touch, a direction already explored to full effect by Limbus 3 and 4.
Galway and Stranz, both of whom had kept a very low profile on the album, left to concentrate on classical music in 1972. This left more room for Hamel and Eliscu to develop longer tracks and more meditative music. Hamel released his first solo album in 1972 and guested on the first Agitation Free album. Eliscu guested on several Popol Vuh albums.
The second Between album And The Waters Opened (1973) included six tracks. This only had acoustic instruments and included a new member: Charles Campbell. On the whole, it was a better and more homogeneous merging of styles than their first album. It was Between's only release on the legendary "swirl" Vertigo label (the next one had the "spaceship" artwork!). The front cover artwork was quite remarkable: a drawing of a gigantic splash of colours - illustrating the event when the waters opened. Dharana from 1974 was a kind of world music symphony recorded with the aid of the SWF orchestra. This work was based more on improvisation than composition, particularly the 20 minute long title track. Also worth mentioning is Eliscu's beautiful 11 minute piece "Joy... Sadness... Joy". The same year Between also made music to poems by the actor Gerd Westphal Hesse. This resulted in Hesse Between Music, released January 1975. Besides Hesse, who recited his own poems, several guests also appeared on the album, like Al Gromer (sitar, who also recorded with Popol Vuh and Amon Duul II) and Tom van der Geld (vibraphone). Hamel has recorded several solo albums, some containing music reminiscent of Between, but generally more experimental and minimalistic. Eliscu has mostly concentrated on classical music. Between are best remembered for their albums in the period 1973-1975. Their strength was in their more extended tracks, which gave these talented musicians time to express their ideas through the improvisations.


This one , is for all of you (Cosmic Jokers of the Universe)

and especially to a Friend... Mr.Gkapageridis

Enjoy & Leave Your Mind Free!


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Τετάρτη, 9 Ιανουαρίου 2008

Jeronimo Brothers with Elias Zaikos - Live At Bolero Club 27/01/06 Litohoro ,Mount Olympus, Greece)


Recorded Live At Bolero Club , 27 January 2006, Litohoro Town ( In The Foot Of Mount Olympus) Central Greece.
A Great Folk Blues/Psych Greek Band !!! Dont Turn Your Back On Them!

THE JERONIMO BROTHERS is an acoustic band dealing with Contry Folk Blues.
Their Home is the highway (million miles away from sweet home!)Awesome groovie music delights , with pure feelings & rhythms.These pionners of Country folk blues - road music makes you feelin allright!!Over 25 years ago on the road, they seems youngers,than ever! with the gold talent on their mind & fingers.

So, pick it up !and groovie with them!

jim (Mojo) Dimoutsikos: vocals, guitars, percussion

Taso (Commander)Litridis: vocals, guitar, harp, mandolin, banjo


Panagiotis(PaBa Slide) Mpantikoudis: vocals, guitar, piano, organ,harmonica

Mario (The JazzHead) Spiliotopoulos:electric & acoustic bass, vocals

Οι JERONIMO BROTHERS είναι μια ακουστική μπάντα που ασχολείται με τα blues το rock και τη soul.
Δημήτρη (Mojo) Δημούτσικο
: φωνή, κιθάρα, κρουστά

Τάσο (Commander) Λυτρίδη : φωνή, κιθάρα, φυσαρμόνικα, κρουστά
Παναγιώτη (PaBa Slide) Μπαντικούδη: φωνή, κιθάρα, πιάνο, φυσαρμόνικα
Μάριο (The Jazz Head) Σπηλιωτόπουλο: μπάσο, φωνητικά

και πολλούς φίλους όπως
Χρήστο (The Freak) Νάτσιο στη φωνή την κιθάρα και τα κρουστά,
Michael Watts στην κιθάρα,
Αντώνη Φραγκουδάκη στη φωνή και τη φυσαρμόνικα,
Νίνα από την Ολλανδία στα φωνητικά κ.α.
Έδρα της μπάντας είναι το Λιτόχωρο Πιερίας κοντά στις κορυφές του Ολύμπου. Μέλη της μπάντας όμως βρίσκονται κυρίως στη Λάρισα και στο Βόλο. Η ομάδα είναι όμως αρκετά ευέλικτη και μπορεί να βρίσκεται ανα πάσα στιγμή μαζί!!!

see pics from the gig

The official Web Site

Hope Enjoy Bloggers
here's the links

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Τρίτη, 8 Ιανουαρίου 2008

George Pilali & The Blues Caravan - GodComedy (Greek Rock Underground ,surrealistic lyrics, blues and rembetiko)

Γειά σου ρε Ζόρζ Πιλαλί!
 Ο ΓΙΩΡΓΟΣ ΠΙΛΑΛΑΣ, ένας μεγάλος υποτιμημένος της Ελληνικής crossover μουσικής. O Πιλαλί, βαθύς γνώστης των Ελληνικών Blues, αγνοήθηκε από τους ροκάδες σαν υπερβαλλόντως...λαϊκός, και από τους ''λαϊκούς'', σαν τρελλαμένος...ροκάς! Λάτρης -με τα όλα του- του King of the Blues Albert King... 

(Ilan Solomon)

Georges Pilali
Since the beginning of the 80’s Georges Pilali is a mythical figure of the Athenian underground scene. His songs are combination of surrealistic lyrics, blues and rembetiko (music of Greek underground, formed in major cities in the early 20th century).
Georges Pilali was a first musician in Greece who showed that rembetico and blues have followed parallel roads and their combination could be fascinating experience.
He has recorded three (out of print!!) albums, having also participated in the records of other Greek musicians and singers. His latest album “Theokomodia”, 1994, includes the participation of Albanian street musicians, Greek beat poetry and also the great American blues singers Louisiana Red και Big Time Sarah.
His performance includes theatrical elements (from ancient Greek theatre “Karagiozis”- modern theatre of shadow), poetry and music, blended all together with a unique sense of humor. He has successfully appeared in concerts, clubs and festivals in Greece, Canada, USA and France.

During the last years, he cooperates on stage with the veteran of the Greek rock scene Dimitris Poulikakos, the French roman guitarist Philippe "Doudou" Guillerier and the fabulous American guitarist and researcher of world music Bob Brozman.
George Pilali’s group consists of 6 musicians (guitar, santoor, accordion, violin, percussion and acoustic bass).
‘Mr Pilali is a very good and tasteful slide player who is the equal of many more famous musicians. The use of the Greek instruments in blues added new feeling’.
(Bruce Iglauer, Alligator records)
George Pilali: ‘A brilliant and wacky artist of Greek Rembetica music (the blues of Greek culture), George has also a keen interest in traditional American sounds’.
(Bob Brozman)

from the “IRISprojects
With Guests : Louisiana Red & Big Time Sarah part1 @192kbs
part2 @192kbs

" Είχα έναν φίλο πρεζονόμο που μου μαγείρευε τα πιό όμορφα διαστημικά μπισκότα.
SPACE COOKIES γαρνιρισμένα με δραμαμίνη για τα ταξίδια μου!
Κάθε κατεβασιά, κι ένα μικρό ονειρεμένο Challenger.
Μπούκωνα με δαύτα τα καριολίκια και πετσικάρανε τα σαγόνια μου.
Φλασσάρω και μπήγω τις φωνές: "Τυριά ξυπνήστε! Θα σας φαν' οι βλάχοι!  "

Ζωρζ Πιλαλί (κατά κόσμον Γιώργος Πιλάλας)

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Andreas Gomozias & The Drifting Around - Live At Rodon Theater Athens Greece ( Blues Rock)

Here's A Great Guitarist , From The New Generation's Musicians Of Greece.

Recorded Alive At The Legendary Rodon Theater Athens 199x.

Unfortunately his site does not exists for more information.

Andreas has been influenced from legends guitarists like Joe Pass, B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Duanne Allman among others.

The only one that i know 'bout Andreas is , he join in a new band named Andreas Gomozias Quartet and another band named Andreas Gomozias & The Country Gentlemen

If Anyone Knows about Andreas(complete informations),please let me know.
Here's The Live Gig, Enjoy!

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