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Happy new year ! May All Your Dreams Come True!

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May your Holidays be filled with joy and may you have a New Year that fulfills all your dreams and brings you health, happiness and love.
And may we all enjoy PEACE in the new year!

To All Of You...

Thank you
for your kindness
may the music live on!!!
  May All Your Dreams Come True!

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. / : \ *’*.*-.,*’’*’’’*’’’’**
, ' , ' . ' , ' . ' , /o '. \, ' . ' , ' . ' ,
, / : o \ A Happy New Year
, , ' _==_ , ' . ' / *. ' . \, ' Best wishes
, , ( '_ ' ) ' . ' , '/ . o . * \ , , . ,
, ' , \/ . \/ / \ / \ -i
. ' ( ` ) o/ ' . ' * o'* \o' . . ' . ' / @ \
       ' _( :` )  _________^^l__l^^ __________ ( :` )'_
_____________ -i i-___________

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Τετάρτη, 30 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

Tim Hart, founder member of Steeleye Span, dies of lung cancer at 61

Tim Hart, founder member of Steeleye Span, dies of lung cancer at 61


MADRID, Spain — Tim Hart, a founding member of the British folk-rock group Steeleye Span, has died of lung cancer, his daughter said Wednesday.

Hart, 61, died Dec. 24 in La Gomera in Spain's Canary Islands, where the Briton had lived since retiring from the music scene, Sally Hart told The Associated Press.

He had returned to La Gomera three weeks ago after spending a year in Britain receiving treatment,
she said.:                                                                               

"In the last few days he became very weak, and had chest pains. His body had suffered greatly from the cancer treatment," 

Hart was a star of the 1960s folk scene in Britain, first gaining fame in a musical partnership with singer Maddy Prior in 1966. The duo recorded two albums of "Folk Songs of Olde England," with the versatile Hart backing their singing on guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, banjo and violin.

In 1971, Hart and Prior joined with Ashley Hutchings, who had left the Fairport Convention to form a new band. The new project, at Hart's suggestion, was named Steeleye Span after a character in a Lincolnshire folk song, "Horkstow Grange."

Hart left Steeleye Span in 1983, but appeared at a charity concert with the group in 1995. Last year, he appeared with Prior at a BBC concert in London.

Living on La Gomera, Hart developed his interest in photography. He called the island "my inexhaustible subject" and did his own pictures for his English language guide to the island, published in 2004.

"In what now feels like a previous life, I once spent 16 years as a member of the English folk-rock band Steeleye Span," Hart wrote on his Web site.
"As the Everly Brothers so rightly sang we did it for the stories we could tell. But after a few years of travelling too fast around the world I got myself a camera, a Pentax Spotmatic, in order to provide a more substantial, and accurate, archive of memories," he wrote.

Hart is survived by his wife Connie, and a daughter and son from a previous marriage. Funeral arrangements were not announced.
Copyright © 2009 The Canadian Press. All rights reserved.

Tim Hart and Maddy Prior - Folk Songs of Old England, Vol.1 (1968)
Tim Hart and Maddy Prior "Folk Songs of Olde England Vol. 1" 1968
Tim Hart and Maddy Prior Folk Songs of Olde England Vol. 2" 1969
Maddy Prior & Tim Hart "Summer Solstice" 1971

Steeleye Span "BBC Sessions" 1970-1971
Steeleye Span "On BBC TV" 1975
Steeleye Span - Hark! The Village Wait
Steeleye Span  discography d/l
and here
May God Rest His Soul!

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Tim Hart & Maddy Prior: Heydays : The Solo Recordings 1968-1976

This compilations consists of all tracks from the three - now deleted - albums by Tim Hart and Maddy Prior, Folk Songs of Old England Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 and Summer Solstice. This double CD was originally to be titled Heyday (see right cover picture) but was renamed to Heydays on first delivery. All tracks have been remastered and the sound quality is much improved..
All tracks trad. arr. Tim Hart, Maddy Prior except
Tracks 1-13, 16 trad. arr. Tim Hart;
Track 23 John Conolly;
Track 34 Copper Family, Austin John Marshall;
Track 36 Ewan MacColl
MADDY PRIOR - vocals, 5-string banjo

TIM HART - vocals, guitar, fiddle, banjo 

The songs on the 'FOLK SONGS OF OLDE ENGLAND Vol. 1 & 2' are either sung a-capella or accompanied with the minimum instrumentation - allowing the solo and duetted vocals to shine out unhindered, thus enabling astute listeners to make out every single lyric (and even to sing along if they know the words). The highlight from this collection must be Tim Hart's heart-rending 'The Dalesman's Litany' - the tale of a young Victorian farmer, evicted from his smallholding and forced to seek work in the hellish industrial centres of Northern England. These two albums were released before Tim and Maddy joined Steeleye Span, whereas 'SUMMER SOLSTICE' was recorded as a side project during Steeleye's run.
Folk Songs of Old England Vol. 1   1968


Folk Songs of Old England Vol. 2   1968

Summer Solstice is a 1971 album by Maddy Prior and Tim Hart.
 The album was recorded after the duo had joined Steeleye Span. The songs are mostly pastoral, with subtle understated instrumental accompaniment. Also issued on CD in 1991 on the Shanachie label. Original cover shown, catalogue number: Crest 12.

  Track listing
1.False Knight On The Road (3:03)
2.Bring Us In Good Ale (3:51)
3.Of All The Birds (0:53)
4.I Live Not Where I Love (4:25)
5.The Ploughboy and The Cockney (3:40)
6.Westron Wynde (0:27)
7.Sorry The Day I Was Married (1:29)
8.Dancing At Whitsun (3:40)
9.Fly Up My Cock (1:45)
10.Cannily Cannily (2:25)
11.Adam Catched Eve (0:25)
12.Three Drunken Maidens (2:14)
13.Serving Girls Holiday (3:41)
14. I Was A Young Man
15 .Betsy Bell
16.Famous Flower Of Serving Men

Slightly more produced than its predecessors, 'SUMMER SOLSTICE' is still as traditional as a hobby horse on the village green. Highlight? Again a Tim Heart rendition, 'Dancing At Whitsun' - surely one of the saddest songs ever written (the saddest being 'The Band Played Waltzing Matilda' by June Tabor - but that's another story). This lament to the losses of young Englishmen cut down in the Great War - leaving a whole generation of young women to grow up as 'spinsters' - is sung by a Tim Hart on the verge of tears and a string arrangement by Robert Kirby (Nick Drake, Vashti Bunyan, etc.) to rival that of Nick's 'River Man'. A highly emotive and achingly beautiful song.

It's not all sorrow and laments though, there are many jolly songs in this collection - some familiar, some unique to these sets - and all performed brilliantly and understated by two of the luminaries of the English trad/folk scene.

Maddy Prior – vocals
Tim Hart – vocals, guitar, appalachian dulcimer, harmonium, psaltery, tabor
Andy Irvine – mandolin
John Ryan – string bass
Gerry Conway – percussion, bells
Pat Donaldson – electric bass
Robert Kirby – string arrangement on "Dancing At Whitsun"

enjoy  !  part1 & part2

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Δευτέρα, 28 Δεκεμβρίου 2009


Eastern  Influenced  Directions By
Alex Oriental Experience


Ther guitarist Alex (aka Alex Oriental Experience) is considered to be one of the pionnering figures in East meets West 70s fusion. His original folk-ish rock integrates funkadelic-ethno grooves and spacy tendencies. His first release (Alex, 1973)is a must have for krautrock collectors. His later works feature more mainstream ingredients next to blues-fuzzy based rockin guitars.(progarchives)

This CD contains a set of songs from different early LP`s, like E.G.
the complete first LP with the title "Alex" from the year 1973 and
the Cologne cult volumes of "Can". Plus two songs from their second
LP "That`s The Deal", as well as a few selections from the double LP
"Studio Tapes 1976-78", and the LP "Sazou".
The song "Dadaloglu" was a 1970 hit in Turkey for about seven months
and received first place with National Hit Parade for that year. The
music is a mixture of ethnic garmoni (accordion), hard hitting brass,
and beautiful acoustic guitars.
a weird version of Turkish rock, filtered through the German scene of the early 70s! The albums were recorded with help from Holger Czukay and Jaki Liebezeit of Can, who possibly play on the records too -- and they're a weird mix of some of the Arabesk rock of the Turkish scene of the time with headier German prog elements -- a very hypnotic, compelling blend -- and one that's made even more appealing by the English lyrics on many tunes. The guitar is often a bit fuzzy, the rhythms somewhat romping, and instrumentation also includes some key use of baglama -- a three-stringed guitar that further enforces the Turkish influence in the music. (.dustygroove)

Alex Oriental Experience – at Last.fm

 - Holger Czukay
- Jaki Liebezeit
- Michael Karoli

- Gerd Dudek
- Alex Wiska
- Cem Karaca
- Huseyn Sultan Oglu
- Seyhan Karabey
- Unol Buyukgonenc

Alexander "Alex" Wiska (saz, vocals), Horst Stachelhaus (bass), Manfred "Manni" von Bohr (drums, percussion), Kurt Billker (drums), Rich Schwab (bass), Ufo Walter (bass), Marc zur Oven (drums), Xaver "Fischfinger" Fischer (keyboards), Fritz Randow (drums), Rosko Gee (bass), Matthias Keul (keyboards)



- Live (1980)

- Fairy tales and promises (1982)

- So simple (1984)

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Terry Callier - TimePeace

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TIMEMAZINE vol.4 is here.
You can order it now...

Please check the back cover for more info, contents,
CD tracks...

Still available vol.3 and the very last copies
of vol.1 & vol.2

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Πέμπτη, 24 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

Christmas in the Holy Land - 2009

Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year , May All Your Dreams Come True
Peace & Love!


When celebrating Christmas, it would be a good idea to think about the birthplace of Jesus. What is like in the Holy Land under occupation, injustice and racism? How does Christmas feel when the Holy Land is under siege?

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Τρίτη, 22 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

Big Brother and the Holding Company Guitarist James Gurley Dies at 69

James Gurley passed away on December 20, 2009, of a heart attack, just two days before his 70th birthday.


Big Brother and the Holding Company guitarist James Gurley died of a heart attack on Sunday at a Palm Springs, Calif. hospital. Gurley, 69, was a key creative force in the San Francisco-based psychedelic rock outfit that propelled Janis Joplin to stardom in the late 1960s.

On news of his former bandmate's passing, co-founder Sam Andrew wrote on Big Brother's official website, "For me and many people, James was the real 1960s, the real exemplar of that counterculture, the forerunner. Peter Albin, Chet Helms and I founded Big Brother and the Holding Company, but James was the spirit and the essence of the band in its early days. He showed us the way as a Zen master would show us the way, without sermons, without lectures, with as little talk but as much humor as possible."
Born in Detroit, Gurley picked up the guitar when he was 19. Inspired by the blues, he cited Lightnin' Hopkins as one of his early influences. At the age of 23, he moved to San Francisco to become a part of the city's folk scene and by the summer of 1965, he joined forces with Albin and Andrew.

In June of 1966, Joplin joined the group, which emerged from the same Bay Area scene that launched the Grateful Dead, the Jefferson Airplane and the Quicksilver Messenger Service. BBHC released its eponymous debut album to acclaim in the summer of 1967 and after its landmark performance at the Monterey Pop Festival, the disc had modest chart success.
A year later, the group -- by now signed to Columbia Records -- released the psychedelic rock classic 'Cheap Thrills,' which topped the album chart in October 1968. Despite the enormous hit, 'Piece of My Heart,' the band's days were numbered, with Joplin quitting the group for a solo career. While Big Brother reconvened in 1969, Janis proved irreplaceable and after two additional albums they gave up on the band in 1972.
In 1987, the group returned to the touring circuit, with Gurley retiring from the group in 1996. In 2000, he released a solo album 'Pipe Dreams.'(spinner.com)

BIG BROTHER AND THE HOLDING COMPANY     on------http://www.chromeoxide.com/brother.htm>
                                                      also here

Early life

James Gurley was born in Detroit, Michigan on December 22, 1939. As a boy he sometimes worked with his father who was a stunt car driver. Occasionally this work entailed performing as a human hood ornament with a helmet as his father sped through a flaming plywood wall. The stunt was popular with crowds but not with James - particularly not the day he knocked out his two front teeth and singed his hair to the point where he had to shave his head completely.

At the age of nineteen James took up the guitar and began practicing long hours while listening to old Lightnin' Hopkins records. He never had a guitar lesson, preferring to learn by ear. He spent four years at Detroit's Catholic Brothers of the Holy Cross, studying to be a priest.

Years with Big Brother

In 1962, he moved to San Francisco with his wife Nancy and became part of the coffee-house circuit, playing in the folk and country blues tradition. For a time, he played with J.P. Pickens and the Progressive Bluegrass Boys.

In the summer of 1965, Chet Helms brought James to 1090 Page Street to meet Peter Albin and Sam Andrew of Big Brother and the Holding Company, and shortly thereafter, he joined the band.

Relationship with Janis Joplin

A few weeks after Janis Joplin joined the band, James began having an affair with her. Once James and Janis became involved, he moved out of the apartment he shared with his wife and moved in with Janis. According to Janis, that arrangement ended the day Nancy came barging through the front door of Janis's apartment. "What an embarrassing situation," Janis told Jim Langdon later. "His old lady comes marching into my bedroom with the kid and the dog and confronts us." James continued his affair with Janis for a while, but eventually returned to Nancy, who forgave both him and Janis, with whom she had a close friendship. In 1966, the members of Big Brother, along with their wives and children, all moved into a single house in Lagunitas, California.

After Big Brother

In 1970, James' wife Nancy died of a heroin overdose. James was charged with murder for injecting the drugs, and spent two years fighting the charges before being sentenced to probation. He remarried and had another child in 1972. Since then, James has been involved in a number of independent projects. In 1981, he had a new wave band, "Red Robin and The Worms". James played bass in this band with Robin Reed on vocals, Mitch McKendry aka Mitch Master on lead guitar, Jerome Jim Holt on Sax, and James's son Hongo Gurley (from first wife Nancy) on drums. He has recorded with New Age drummer Muruga Booker and has also been actively involved in writing and recording solo work. In May 1997, James stopped touring with Big Brother to devote his full attention to these projects. The first offering was entitled "Pipe Dreams" and was released in January 2000. (answers.com)

James Gurley passed away on December 20, 2009, of a heart attack, just two days before his 70th birthday.

May God Rest His Soul

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Δευτέρα, 21 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

"Εφυγε" ο Γιάννης Μόραλης...

Πλήρης ημερών, σε ηλικία 93 ετών, έφυγε από τη ζωή ο της λεγόμενης γενιάς του '30 και δάσκαλος Γιάννης Μόραλης. Γεννήθηκε στην Άρτα το 1916 και το 1927 εγκαταστάθηκε μόνιμα στην Αθήνα. Το 1936 αποφοίτησε από την ΑΣΚΤ Αθήνας και, ως υπότροφος της Ακαδημίας Αθηνών, έφυγε, το 1937, για τη Ρώμη. Στη συνέχεια εγκαταστάθηκε στο Παρίσι, όπου φοίτησε στην Ecole Nationale des Beaux Arts, στα εργαστήρια ζωγραφικής και φρέσκο. Έργα του ανήκουν σε δημόσιες και ιδιωτικές σχολές στην Ελλάδα και το εξωτερικό ενώ δική του είναι η εγχάραξη στον εξωτερικό τοίχο του ξενοδοχείου Χίλτον.Παράλληλα εγγράφηκε στην Ecole des Arts et Métiers, για την σπουδή του ψηφιδωτού. Το 1947 εκλέχτηκε τακτικός καθηγητής στη Σχολή Καλών Τεχνών, από όπου αποχώρησε το 1983.Το 1949 με αρκετούς Έλληνες ζωγράφους μεταξύ των οποίων ο Νίκος Χατζηκυριάκος - Γκίκας, ο Γιάννης Τσαρούχης, ο Νίκος Νικολάου και Νίκος Εγγονόπουλος, ιδρύουν την καλλιτεχνική ομάδα «Αρμός» και διοργανώνουν την πρώτη κοινή έκθεση στο Ζάππειο το 1950.Έχει εικονογραφήσει βιβλία (Ελύτη, Σεφέρη και άλλα), δημιούργησε τοιχογραφίες, σχεδίασε σκηνικά και κουστούμια για το Εθνικό Θέατρο Ελλάδος, το Θέατρο Τέχνης του Κάρολου Κουν, τα μπαλέτα του Ελληνικού Χοροδράματος.Βραβεύτηκε σε πολλές διεθνείς εκθέσεις, ασχολήθηκε με τη σκηνογραφία, την εικονογράφηση βιβλίων και δίσκων και την κεραμική. (http://epirusgate.blogspot.com/)  & (http://www.artapress.gr/article.asp?id=258)

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Κυριακή, 20 Δεκεμβρίου 2009

Fairport Convention - Before The Moon (Live Denver '74 with Sandy Denny)

Fairport Convention - Before The Moon (Live Denver '74 with Sandy Denny) 2CD
Recorded At Ebbets Field, Denver Colorado, USA, in May 1974 over two nights  

Sandy Denny, vocals;
Dave Swarbrick, violin, vocals;
Jerry Donahue, lead guitar, vocals;
Trevor Lucas, rhythm guitar, vocals;
Dave Pegg, bass guitar;
Dave Mattacks, drums

Recorded live at Ebbets Field, Denver, Colorado, USA, in May 1974 by “Sandy Denny and Fairport Convention” as told at the role call at the end of the first CD. The track list, therefore, is a mixture of Fairport stuff and songs from Sandy's solo albums. The name of the album, Before the Moon hints at the yet to come album Rising for the Moon, of which the title track and One More Chance were already performed here.

A sticker on the CD jewel case says “Limited edition includes bonus disc of the 2nd set”. This second disc is in mono because of the bad quality of the surviving tape.
The booklet contains a lot of before unknown band pictures (plus, to add a little bit more, a photo of Richard and Linda Thompson) and a long and informative interview with Dave Pegg by Jon Kirkman.

There exists also a bootleg of these concerts, Sandy's Lament, with quite bad sound quality.( English Folk Music )

1975's Rising for the Moon album, Before the Moon is a two-CD recounting of two nights in Denver, CO, in 1974, with Sandy Denny back in the Fairport fold for the first time in five years. Historically, then, it ranks as one of the key documents of the band's 1970s history, both introducing a couple of songs from the band's still-unrecorded next studio album to the set (the title track and "One More Chance"), and highlighting one of Denny's most powerful solo recordings, the now not-so-aptly titled "Solo." This particular tour has already received one live album, 1974's Live Convention. It must be said, however, that in terms of the actual performance, Before the Moon beats it hands down -- only the somewhat muddy sound quality, and some atrocious typos in the track listing ("Matty Grooves") let the side down, but both are largely cosmetic distractions. The epic "Matty Groves" (correct spelling) and "Sloth" are both among the group's career-best renderings, while another Denny song, "Like an Old Fashioned Waltz," makes one wish there was a formal Fairport studio take of the number. Elsewhere, Dylan's "Down in the Flood" is a joyous explosion, and the instrumental numbers do nothing less than make you wish you'd been there on the night. You probably weren't -- but this collection does make a great substitute. ~ Dave Thompson ( All Music Guide )

First Disc  - First Night Concert
1 Rising For The Moon
2 Solo
3 Dirty Linen
4 One More Chance
5 Sloth
6 It'll Take A Long Time
7 Matty Groves
8 Hen's March/Medley
9 Down In The Flood

Second Disc - Second Night Concert
1 Matty Groves
2 Solo
3 Dirty Linen
4 Fiddlestix
5 Who Know Where The Time Goes
6 Like An Old Fashioned Waltz
7 Hexhamshire Lass
8 Bring 'Em Down
9 Down In The Flood
10 John The Gun
11 Sir B Mckenzie
       CD1:First Set
 Tracks 1, 2, 4, 6 Sandy Denny;
Track 3 Trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick;
Track 5 Richard Thompson, Dave Swarbrick;
Tracks 7, 8 Trad. arr. Fairport Convention;
Track 9 Bob Dylan
CD 2: Second Set
Tracks 1, 4, 7 Trad. arr. Fairport Convention;
Tracks2, 5, 6, 10 Sandy Denny;
Track 3 Trad. arr. Dave Swarbrick;
Track 8 Trevor Lucas;
Track 9 Bob Dylan;
Track 11 Fairport Convention
Enjoy!                   Before the Moon          from Answers.com

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