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John Coltrane Live at Birdland (Impulse! 1963)

# by request: repost,

In the early morning of Sunday, September 15, 1963, a gaggle of malcontents planted 12 sticks of dynamite in a window well outside the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, Alabama.

The dynamite exploded eight hours later killing Denise McNair, 11, and Cynthia Wesley, Carole Robertson and Addie Mae Collins, all 14, in the process galvanizing the Civil Rights Movement.
Three months later, on November 18, 1963,
John Coltrane stepped up to the microphone in fabled Englewood, NJ studio of one Rudy Van Gelder and over a McCoy Tyner Tremolo,
blew his searing and definitive statement on the subject of the bombing— “Alabama.”

“Alabama” is the single most provocative piece on what is considered one of the most well rounded John Coltrane live recordings Coltrane Live at Birdland. The piece is most certainly why this Coltrane live recording was chosen for this series. (continued here..)

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Westwind - 1970 - Love Is (UK Folk Rock Ultra Rare R3)

This is an Ultra rare folk psych album by WESTWIND entitled "Love Is", released in 1970 in the UK on Penny Farthing PELS 505 - 1970 R3, this UK trio consisted of two guys and one girl,perform Psych folk music, with enchanting melodies and ethereal male/female vocals.

An obscure band whose album is now an ultra-rarity, but why does it change hands for sums approaching £200? The female vocals are pleasant enough but the material is rather mundane folk-based pop.
From 1970, this trio's gently recorded album of folky material combines attractive female vocals with melodious accompaniment to great effect. A very high standard of musicianship is evident throughout on this offering.
1.Goodbye Butterfly
2. Sleepy City
3. Love Is A Funny Sort Of Thing
4. Sun Across The Snow
5. How Many Stars 6. Robin Hill
7. Goodtimes
8. Fisherman Song
9. Sweeney Todd
10. Rosemary
11. Harbour Lights
12. Home Is Where My Heart Is
(first time posted from the marvelous blogs :Time Has Told Me & Female Vocals)


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Baby Whale - The Downhill Climb (1973 Cambridge UK Folkrock)

Nick met Anne on the 106 bus in Cambridge in 1971. Recognising that the guitar she carried contained a Martin Guitar; he invited her home for lunch. Anne was American, had long blond hair and had a record deal… as well as the Martin Guitar. Nick played in a local bluegrass band Temporary Ferret and sold furniture in a Cambridge shop. Steve his friend, who wrote songs, had been in a jug band, The Toby Jug and Washboard Band and was a window dresser in a different Cambridge shop. The three of them became Goody Two Shoes in early 1972, Arian Kendon, who had been playing in various jazz-fusion groups around Cambridge, joined them in May playing string bass and fiddle, at which point they became Baby Whale. Early the following year they took on a drummer from Essex, Brian Wren. He was very good. They all moved into a big house in Roysten and “got it together in the country”. Adrian left shortly afterwards. He was replaced by Lindsay Scott, a Scot from Hawick, who had played in the JSD band. Lindsay played fiddle. He was very good too. Anne wrote lovely songs and played great rhythm guitar. Steve wrote really weird songs (they wondered what Steve was on, but he wasn't on anything) and played all sorts of things. Nick arranged the songs and played all sorts of things too. Brian was really good on the drums and Lindsay was really good on the fiddle. With the inevitability of one month following another, August 1972 came round and the band received rave reviews at the Edinburgh Festival where they played a midnight show following the Cambridge Footlights revue. In the middle of 1973 they were thrown in to the Chuck Berry 'My Ding-A-Ling' tour, opening for him across the country. That began a spate of support gigs including MC5, Velvet Underground, Fairport Convention and Curved Air. Nick and Anne left the band in 1974 and got married. They eventually formed Telephone Bill and the Smooth Operators. Steve and the others carried on with Baby Whale for a while with Sally Oldfield and Raf Ravenscroft, but that was it really. Anne is now a portrait artist, Nick is on the radio, Steve lives half way up a mountain in Thailand, Adrian is teaching in Bognor Regis…and they can't find Brian or Lindsey. If you see them tell them they've got an album out and to get back in touch. This record has only now seen the light of day. Back then the management company fell out with the Record Company or something. Nice to have it out at last.

Baby Whale were;
Anne Baker Steve Brooks Nick Barraclough Adrian Kendon Brian Wren Lindsey Scott

Anne Baker / vocals, guitars -

Steve Brooks / vocals, electric guitar -

Nick Barraclough / vocals, bass, harmonium -

Adrian Kendon / vocals, fiddle -

Brian Wren / fiddle -

Lindsey Scott / fiddle

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Washed - Washed (Ageless SC-002) 1975 US psych folk rock dreamy acoustic

Washed - Washed (Ageless SC-002) 1975Superb rural folkrock and dreamy acoustic

Superb rural folkrock and dreamy acoustic private press from four Massachusetts gals known as Washed, with a few guys in the background helping out on additional instruments. Acoustic guitars, piano, electric guitar, bass and dobro make for a nice pastoral blend - natural and rough around the edges, but in a positive sense. ‘Roll On’ and the plugged-in ‘Revival Train’ are both upbeat numbers that work with truck-driving and locomotive themes respectively. Several of the ballads have an edgy folk-psych feel, with hypnotic droning guitar work that often comes close to sounding like a sitar (‘Gentle Jesus’, ‘He Smiles At Me’ and the gorgeous mellotron-backed ‘Latter Rain’). ‘Cain Killed Abel’ is another strong track with its resolute minor-key strum, haunting flute-like mellotron and more psychy sitar-ish guitar. Filled out with some pleasant straightforward femme folky Jesus music. Twelve original songs in all.
(Thanx to http://theancientstar-song.blogspot.com/) (Ken Scott - Archivist)
01. Roll On0
2. My Father
03. Gentle Jesus
04. There's Alot In The Bible
05. He Smiles At Me
06. The Resurrection
07. Revival Train08. Latter Rain
09. Israel
10. Cain Killed Abel
11. Man From Galilee
12. I Walk Beside You


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Κάποτε άραγε… ήμασταν…άνθρωποι;

Kάποτε αγωνιζόμαστε να πραγματοποιήσουμε τα όνειρά μας.Τώρα παλεύουμε να αναζητήσουμε κάποιο όνειρο, ένα όραμα, μια αξία…

Απο την Eύη Βαγιάτη

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BBC sessions 1969

1. big bear ffolly
2. this worried feeling
3. the last blues
4. driving bachwards

dave Clem clempson, guitar & vocals
terry poole, bass & vocals
keith baker, drums
Last Known Lineup
Past Members

Bakerloo were originally formed as the Bakerloo Blues Line in 1967, at the outset of the blues boom spearheaded by the Cream.

A power trio similar to the latter outfit, they also incorporated some of the artier elements of pop music from that period--Dave "Clem" Clempson played solid, bluesy lead guitar, but he also doubled on harpsichord and piano as well as providing the mouth harp, while Terry Poole played bass and Keith Baker played drums.

They made all the right moves as a performing outfit, courtesy of their manager, Jim Simpson (who also handled Black Sabbath, known as Earth at the time, in those days)--he organised a U.K. tour, dubbed "Big Bear Ffolly" (which later became the title of a Bakerloo song) which had Bakerloo, Earth, Locomotive and Tea And Symphony playing throughout the country

Bakerloo was also one of the support acts on Oct. 18, 1968, the night Led Zeppelin made their debut at London's Marquee Club. Bakerloo were among the early signings to EMI's Harvest label, where they made their debut in the middle of 1969 with the single "Driving Backwards" b/w"Once Upon A Time" in July.

They followed it up that fall with their self-titled album, which gave their jazz-inflected electric blues, reminiscent in some ways of Blodwyn Pig's work, a full workout. Cut under the guidance of producer Gus Dudgeon and released in November of that year, the album was one of the harder rocking releases in the early Harvest schedule. Bakerloo were one of the more sophisticated blues-oriented power trios, and that might've been their undoing in finding an audience.

Given time, they might've been another Ten Years After, but there was barely any time to find their potential, for the band broke up in late 1969 when Clem Clempson quit to join Colosseum, which proved to be a stopping point on his way into the line-up of Humble Pie as Peter Frampton's successor, and later worked with Roger Daltrey, Tom Waits, and The Records, among other major acts. Terry Poole passed through Graham Bond's band in the early/middle-1970's, and Keith Baker later became a member of Uriah Heep. Poole and Baker later reteamed, while Clempson has been a very busy session player for decades. ~ Bruce Eder, All Music Guide

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Bakerloo - Bakerloo - (UK Psych Blues Heavy 1969)

dave Clem clempson, guitar & vocals
terry poole, bass & vocals
keith baker, drums


Last Known Lineup
Past Members

Staffordshire based Blues driven Rock outfit BAKERLOO was popular on the club scene.

Initially titled THE BAKERLOO BLUES LINE, the group was created during February 1968 in Tamworth.

The line-up prior to recording the December 1969 BAKERLOO album included drummer John Hinch (real name Frederick Hinch), who was to leave for HIROSHIMA then, appeared on JUDAS PRIEST's 'Rocka Rolla' album of 1974. Following his tenure in JUDAS PRIEST Hinch went into a career in management handling the affairs of Rock artists such as JAMESON RAID, ULI JON ROTH and ZENO.
Both drummer Keith Baker and vocalist/bassist Terry Poole are ex-MAY BLITZ. Guitarist Dave 'Clem' Clempson went on to find fame as a noted session man and prominently as a member of Progressive Rock act COLOSSEUM from 1970 then between 1971 and 1975 HUMBLE PIE and the short-lived ROUGH DIAMOND with erstwhile URIAH HEEP frontman DAVID BYRON. Clempson also briefly flirted with DEEP PURPLE in 1975.
Keith Baker would join WARM DUST, DADDY then journey on to URIAH HEEP for the 'Salisbury' album. Terry Poole turned up in VINEGAR JOE and THE GRAHAM BOND ORGANISATION.

Bakerloo. on marmalade-skies. THE HOME OF BRITISH PSYCHEDELIA

Dave ‘Clem’ Clempson today COLOSSEUM's member

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Dom - Edge of Time - 1971- German Psychedelic (Krautrock)

an interesting melange of psychedelic,

cosmic and folk music
in a rather dark and low key meditative atmosphere.
A hypnotic and ecstatic blend of space rock, eccentric hippie folk and Eastern mantra .
(from my favourite krautrock classic treausure Jem!)

"You will meet me there at the edge of time
the fire-sea licking my feet
gas and damp,
wind and rain,
snow, heat, waters, ice and pain
damned souls cry "forgiveness!"
the past will be future and future will be past
not one thing in our world that will ever last
only you and me
until eternity shall that spirit
one containing two
wander through space and peace we knew"
(From "Edge Of Time")

Laszlo Baksay - Bass, Lyrics, Vocals
Gabor Baksay - Percussion, Flute, Vocals
Reiner Puzalowski - Guitar, Flute, Vocals
Hans Georg Stopka - Organ, Guitar, Vocals

ALBUM:"Edge Of Time" (Melocord ST-LP-D 001) 1972
NB: A re-issue also with Melocord label (red) appeared in the first half of the 80's.
1. Intruitus 8.55
2. Silence 8.53
3. Edge Of Time 9.05
4. Dream 9.37
5. Flotenmenschen 1 6.31*
6. Flotenmenschen 2 1.15*
7. Flotenmenschen 3 1.17*
8. Flotenmenschen 4 1.11*
9. Let Me Explain 6.37*
(*Bonus Track)

This is hard to distinguish from the original, but it is dubbed from disc and has inferior sound quality. A legal CD re-issue with good sound quality appeared in 1991 on Witch & Warlocklimited to 500 numbered copies. (lobotomy NOTE: pristine release by Second Battle in 2001)
A group originating in Dusseldorf. The von Baksay's escaped from Hungary in 1956 and settled in Dusseldorf. The band Dom came into existence in 1969 and performed live at Cream Cheese, the city's leading club for rock music.
Their private pressing Edge Of Time was recorded in 1972 at the Neubauer studio.
Featured on the album were four long and mostly instrumental tracks. It was an interesting melange of psychedelic, cosmic and folk music in a rather dark and low key meditative atmosphere.
"Introitus" (8:50) opened the album in an almost spooky way with acoustic guitars, flute and hand percussion. Later in the track an organ created a spirited mood akin to the vintage Pink Floyd's "Cirrus Minor".
"Silence" (8:46) was a sinister trip into deep space with organ, unintelligible voices, acoustic guitar, electronic effects and flute.
"Edge Of Time" (9:01) sounded as if Kalacakra and Tangerine Dream jammed together out in space. The spoken lyrics of the track summarize the trippy mood of the whole album:
"Dream" (9:33) concluded the album much like the quiet parts of Floyd's "Careful With That Axe, Eugene" and "Quicksilver".
Edge Of Time is unreservedly recommended for all fans of the early Pink Floyd (ca. 1968-69) and Tangerine Dream (ca. 1971-75)the first Siloah album ,Kalacakra's "Crawling To Lhasa", Agitation Free,Ash Ra Tempel and Amon Duul's "Paradieswarts Duul". style.
"Dom" was the groups reference name for an acid trip that lasted for two days.

Dom's Edge of Time

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