Πέμπτη, 8 Ιανουαρίου 2009

Blues Cargo live at Lazy Club Vrilissia Athens

Event Description
Blues Cargo fresher and funkier than ever will play their hearts out.New songs from the new (coming very soon) CD Delayed Delivery will be performed for the first time.Don't mis that gig.
Time: January 10, 2009 at 11:15pm
Street: Leoforos Pentelis 1. Vrilissia. Exit 12 of Attiki OdosCity/Town: Athens
Contact Info: 210-68955535
Organized By: Dimitris Ioannou

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Τρίτη, 6 Ιανουαρίου 2009

Sea Level - Park West - Chicago, IL - 11/18/78 (Southern Rock) & more!!

Ok !! Folks Here They Are!!
Sea Level (3 members Ex- Allman Bros and Jimmy Nalls) plays live , back on the road from '78 in Chicago Illinois.
Sweet southern guitars mixed with swamp Soul & Groovie jazz !!

Sea Level - Park West - Chicago, IL - 11/18/78
01. Rain In Spain

02. Living In A Dream
03. A Lotta Colada
04. That's Your Secret
05. King Grand
06. Sneakers
07. Shake A Leg
08. Grand Larceny
09. Statesboro Blues
time: 51:43
Chuck Leavell: keyboards, vocals;
Randall Bramblett: saxes, keyboards, vocals;
Jimmy Nalls: guitar, vocals;
Davis Causey: guitar;
Lamar Williams: bass, vocals ;
Joe English: drums

Sea Level is the name of a group that mixed jazz, blues and Southern rock that existed between 1976 and 1981.

Formed with the initial destruction of The Allman Brothers Band, the group that evolved into Sea Level was the trio "We Three". Featuring Lamar Williams (bass), Jaimoe (drums) and Chuck Leavell (piano, keyboards, vocals), all then-members of the Allman Brothers, the trio would occasionally open shows for the group in 1975 and 1976. With the Allmans' first disbanding in 1976, the trio added guitarist Jimmy Nalls and named the band based on a phoenetic pun of their leader's name (C. Leavell).

Sea Level Promo Photo & Allman Brothers '75

They toured relentlessly, eventually signing with Capricorn Records (home of the Allman Brothers) and recording their debut album.
After the release of their first album, the group expanded to a septet with the additions of Davis Causey (guitar), George Weaver (percussion) and Randall Bramblett (saxophones, keyboards and vocals). That configuration recorded the group's second album (which produced a moderate "hit" with "That's Your Secret"). By the time of the third, Jaimoe and Weaver had both left, replaced by Joe English. The sextet of Bramblett, Causey, English, Leavell, Nalls and Williams recorded the fourth album, unreleased in the United States for nearly twenty years, adding percussionist Matt Greeley for their fifth and final album, issued on Arista in 1980. Their greatest hits album (CD) wrapped up their body of work, minus a handful of appearances on various compilation albums (mostly Southern Rock).(From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

^V^ @ ^V^
Sea Level sample
Capricorn Records in the Swampland
Capricorn Records in the Discogs
Live Recordings
Sea Level Concert -Bottom Line (New York, NY)
Sea Level on Answers.com
listen Sea Level live on Last fm


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Claudio Rocchi - Viaggio 1970 (Italian Psychedelic Acid Folk) A Magnifico - Masterpiece!!!

~~~~~~ ^V^ ~~~~~

Claudio Rocchi - Viaggio 1970 Original Cover & Alternative Cover

Claudio Rocchi was the original bass guitarist of Stormy Six, and played on their first album Le idee di oggi per la musica di domani, leaving the band soon after the album release for a solo career that started in 1970 with the first album, Viaggio, mainly acoustic and with good flute playing by PFM's Mauro Pagani.

Always influenced by eastern doctrines (he later became a Hare Krishna), he was also active in anti-war movements and always present at the various Italian pop festivals of the early 70's.A second album in 1971, Volo magico n.1, is usually considered as his best effort, in much the same style as Alan Sorrenti's Aria with a side-long title track and softer tracks on the other side. The 18 minute long title track starts with a soft introduction and goes on with hypnotic move based on the guitars of Alberto Camerini and Ricky Belloni (from Nuova Idea and later New Trolls).
Next album, La norma del cielo (subtitled Volo Magico n.2) was similar, but weakest in comparison, and after a long journey to India he released Essenza at the end of 1973, with help from Elio D'Anna (Osanna) and Mino De Martino (Giganti) among others.
Il miele dei pianeti, le isole, le api was a six-track album mainly based as usual on Rocchi's acoustic guitar folk-psych compositions, but featured well-known guests such as Walter Maioli (from Aktuala), Trilok Gurtu (that played with the same band at that time) and violinist/multi instrumentalist Lucio Fabbri (from Piazza delle Erbe, then a long time Eugenio Finardi collaborator and from 1978 with PFM, he also released a solo album on Cramps).

Later production had more use of electronics and interest in experimental sounds. In 1980 while in a Hare Krishna community he released Un gusto superiore with Paolo Tofani (Demetrio Stratos's Area).In 2007 Claudio Rocchi directed the film Pedra Mendalza (the name of a popular volcanic hill in Sardinia) and its soundtrack, released on CD in 2008.

(from http://www.italianprog.com/)

Stormy Six

Claudio Rocchi



Albums by Claudio Rocchi - Rate Your Music
see on you tube - Ancient roman music by Walter Maioli
Aktuala - Waruna album "Tappeto volante" from 1976
Stormy six- Stalingrdo/ La Fabbrica
Claudio Rocchi - La tua prima luna from Viaggio lp (1970)

 Claudio Rocchi - Vado In India (1972)°

Claudio Rocchi - Gesu Cristo - Viaggio - 1970

back to Eden againnnnnnn ..this tyme ..a lost - in - tyme coming from the stars....

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Δευτέρα, 5 Ιανουαρίου 2009

Ennio Morricone & Dulce Pontes - 2004 Focus

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Various Artists - Greek Rock Bands - diadromes 70's (Hippie Psychedelic & Heavy Underground)

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Various Artists - Greek Rock Bands - Diadromes '70 (The Folk Psych Side)

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8 DAYS IN APRIL - 1972 The Hamburg Scene (German. Prog. Psych)

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Ode by Blue Epitaph - (UK 1974 psych folk)

JUMBLE LANE's success meant new students at the nearby college would turn to Holyground to record their own albums. Pete Howells and Jim Gordon, as BLUE EPITAPH, made the acoustic, psychedelic whimsy that is ODE - another highly collectable Holyground album. The third group to do this, in 1974, recorded the album "JUNCTION 32". As an album it was not a success, but there were some fine tracks, and these are included as bonus tracks on this CD.


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Charlie Daniels Band - KMET Studios Los Angeles, CA 11-22-1976 FM

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Stoneground - 1971 Stoneground (US Frisco Hippie Psychedelic Band)

stay tuned for more albums by Stoneground ,plus last days of the fillmore set , and other live recordings

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Cold Blood - Cold Blood - 1969 US Frisco Hippie Band

stay tuned for more albums by coldblood ,plus last days of the fillmore set , and other live recordings

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Κυριακή, 4 Ιανουαρίου 2009

The DC Share is Back!!

The DC Share is Back!!
Stronger Than Ever!!


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John Martyn - Live At Leeds 1975

Live At Leeds

Outside In (J. Martyn)
Solid Air (J. Martyn)
Make No Mistake (J. Martyn)
Bless The Weather (J. Martyn)
The Man In The Station (J. Martyn)
I'd Rather Be The Devil. (J. Martyn)

John toured extensively in 1975 with Danny Thompson, John Stevens on drums and Paul Kossoff on guitar. A full-blooded and uncompromising concert at Leeds University was recorded with a view to releasing a live album, but Island weren't keen so John produced, designed and sold "Live At Leeds" mail-order from his Hastings home. Kossoff had been out of the music scene for some time with self-inflicted health problems before John invited him to play. Apparently his playing was so erratic that it had to be cut from the recording.
The limited edition of 10,000 quickly sold out. Many of the albums were numbered and personally signed by John, making this a real collector's album. Even John himself has no copy, "I sold them all... I was the first of the record independents !". "It was great. Terribly hard work though...I would never do it again. The only way to do it would be to hire people to take care of everything; it was just too difficult for me and Bev. It didn't help matters either when there was a three week delay between the time EMI said they'd deliver the albums and the time they actually arrived."
The album confirmed his reputation as a witty and original stage performer with a wicked line in banter and repartee, and this, coupled with excellent album reviews, was bringing John Martyn the audience that was to stay with him for years to come.
"Live At Leeds is an excellent album... a very honest and straightforward representation (colourful language included) of a typical John Martyn concert at a time when he was accompanied by the excellent Danny Thompson on bass and John Stevens on drums." (ZigZag 3/77)
Acting as producer and distributor took it's toll on John and suffering from nervous exhaustion he didn't play for months after the tour taking a sabbatical for four months in Jamaica whee he was to meet Lee 'Scratch' Perry.
The recent reissue of Live At Leeds (One World Records, 1998) includes 5 bonus tracks with Paul Kossoff playing guitar - My Baby Girl, You Can Discover, So Much In Love With You, Clutches and Mailman.(From The Official Website)
Martyn's songwriting has been cited as an influence by artists diverse as Portishead, The Cocteau Twins, Eric Clapton and Phil Collins (who also acted as Martyn's producer), while his innovative guitar playing - often using Echoplex delay units, flangers and reverb - has been lauded by The Verve's Nick McCabe among many others.

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Πέμπτη, 1 Ιανουαρίου 2009

Καλή χρονιά! - A Happy New Year, Mother Earth !

Σε τούτες τις δύσκολες και σκληρές μέρες που μας έλαχε να ζούμε..

Σ'αυτή την στροφή του Χρόνου..

Το γνωρίζουμε οτι τέμνουμε το χρόνο, προκειμένου να μην χαθούμε στο άπειρο. Αυτό δεν μας απαλάσσει από την ικανότητα να ευχόμαστε.

Εύχομαι, λοιπόν,
Στην επόμενη χρονιά, να μην δώσουμε μόνο ευχές.
Να μην είναι ένας ακόμη χρόνος, αλλά ένας χρόνος συνειδητός.

Να είναι ένας χρόνος που θα στοιχηματίσουμε για το "ευ" το δικό μας και των γύρω μας και οχι για κάποιες "παραγωγικότητες"

Να είναι ένας χρόνος που θα ζηλεύαμε αν τον ζούσε κάποιος άλλος.

Καλή χρονιά!

Και οι άγιες αυτές ημέρες να μας θυμίζουν την πραγματική μας αποστολή στον κόσμο.
'' Τὸ καλὸ καὶ τὸ κακὸ ἀποτελοῦν κατὰ περίπτωση δική μας ἐπιλογή. ''

A Happy New Year, Mother Earth !

Peace, Love, Happiness & Prosperity Everywhere ...

and i would like to thank you all ,for support this blogpage the last years!

Have you a great time and fight for Peace in the World.

...^V^ ...

Against apathy.React to issues such as hunger, poverty and violence in the world.

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