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Tim Buckley - Once I Was - (John Peel Show 2/4/68.-live in Copenhagen 10/12/68.-the Old Grey Whistle Test 21/5/74.)

Once I Was is a live album by Tim Buckley. The album is a compilation of various live sessions from 1968 to 1974.

Tim BuckleyGuitar, Vocals
Lee Underwood – Guitar, Vocals
Charlie Whitney – Guitar
Niels-Henning Ørsted PedersenDouble bass
Tim HinkleyBass
David FriedmanVibes
Ian WallaceDrums *R.I.P
Tim buckley At Newport '68

From the first bars of the "Dolphins" riff leading to Tim singing "Sometimes I think about..." (which has to be one of the best opening lines of a song ever), the warmth and quality of what he did when he was here with us is clear. He took me through the music with such delicacy, such effortless gliding that when I started to draft these notes, I was tempted to write just one word: "listen".
I first heard Tim Buckley's music coming out of an old boyfriend's worn-out stereo speaker one rainy Northern afternoon, in the social experiment 60s council estate that was our home. I flipped the album cover round in my hands and I studied his incredulous face on the front of Sefronia. He looked too pretty to be making those ancient noises with his throat. It was 1978/9 and I was just finishing school, desperate to sing, learn and experience this amazing post hippie/punk world of song and songwriting, which was left for me to explore by all who went before me.
Tim Buckley had already left the planet, having died a few years earlier. I missed out on ever seeing him play but there were the albums; full and heavy with moving vocal and guitar shapes, overwhelming me with the wit of his improvisations. I understood and resonated so completely with what he was doing and have spent the rest of my life searching for the same fearlessness of expression from my own voice.
These eight songs define Tim Buckley's range and beautiful, eclectic choices, whether it be a very blues-influenced jam, typical of the early 70s singer-songwriters ("Honey Man" or "I Don't Need It To Rain", and the tone of his album Greetings From L.A.), or delicately working a song around a fine folk/classical chord structure and arrangement as in "Hallucinations/Troubadour". Listen to how Tim settles into "Once I Was"; it is mesmerising and resonates between the players, whose musicianship must also be acknowledged.
These are remarkable live recordings. Tracks one and two, "Dolphins" and "Honey Man", were recorded for The Old Grey Whistle Test on the 21st of May 1974. The following five songs were recorded live for The John Peel Show on the 2nd of April 1968. Best of all, included on this album is a never before released recording of "I Don't Need It To Rain", a stunning 12 minute long concert performance recorded in Copenhagen on the 10th of December 1968.
This song was found in a box of disintegrating reel-to-reels at Tim's home. It's a great discovery and a powerful listening experience, made even more profound when you realise, as I did, that the crowd made not one sound throughout the playing; no clearing of throats, no movement, all of them in the bliss of real listening and real ego-less calm.
About the song Tim's wife Judy remarks: "Tim would routinely do this vocal warm-up in concert in order to loosen up his voice, after which he would tear into his song list at full strength". I can hear how he takes himself through the singing, like he's walking gingerly over seaweed rocks; he guides the listener. He was a fearless and truly intimate performer. I imagine how it would be if he were still with us, how magnificent it would be to actually witness him sailing over grooves at Glastonbury this summer. At last Tim Buckley seems to be recognised and respected more than 30 years after his death.
We are so lucky to have the little that exists of him on record.As I said earlier, just listen.
Sedania Eddi ReaderJune 1999

1. DOLPHINS 3:11
2. HONEY MAN 5:01
7. ONCE I WAS 3:57
Tracks 1 & 2 recorded for the Old Grey Whistle Test 21/5/74.
Produced by Mike AppletonTim Buckley -- Guitar/VocalsIan Wallace -- DrumsTim Hinckley -- BassCharlie Whitney -- Guitar
Tracks 3-7 recorded for the John Peel Show 2/4/68.
Produced by Bernie AndrewsTim Buckley -- Guitar/VocalsLee Underwood -- Guitar/VocalsCarter C.C. Collins -- Bongos
Track 8 recorded live in Copenhagen 10/12/68.
Tim Buckley -- Guitar/VocalsLee Underwood -- Lead GuitarNils Henning -- Double BassDavid Friedman -- Vibes
Tracks 1-7 mastered by Ben Schultz.Track 8 digitally re-mastered by Ben Schultz and Llew Llewellyn.
All tracks mastered at Barefoot Studios.
All songs composed by Tim Buckley except 1 by Fred Neil and 3 & 6 by Beckett/Buckley.All songs published by Carlin Music Corp., except 7 published by Warner Chappell Music Ltd.
Photography -- Elliott Landy.

The Tim Buckley Archives
Rhino Records

Tim's Words :
I was never a folkie. I was always rooted in African rhythms. I still listen to Duke Ellington; all those people playing together as a quintet is just amazing to me.

This Album Is Dedicated to another pioneer rock Legend - Mr. Ian Wallace, who Flew Away ^V^ , Beyond The Horizon, last year...

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zico είπε...

Τι να πω και από που να αρχίσω... Πρώτ' απ' όλα είμαι κάτι παραπάνω από ευτυχής που ανακάλυψα αυτή την εξαιρετική κατά την όχι και τόσο ταπεινή μου γνώμη, σελίδα. Χίλια μπράβο και κάτι παραπάνω λόγω τιμάριθμου. Και δεν είναι μόνον επειδή τυχαίνει οι μουσικές αναζητήσεις μας να είναι σε ανάλογη διαδρομή. Είναι κάτι πολύ περισσότερο. Ευχαριστώ ταπεινά, τούτη τη φορά, και ευχές για μακροημέρευση.
Τώρα σ' ότι έχει να κάνει με τον Tim Buckley ότι και να πει ή να γράψει κανείς είναι εξαιρετικά λίγο για αυτή την μία και μοναδική μόρφή και ασύγκριτη φωνή της Ροκ (και όχι μόνον).
Είναι η μεγάλη μου αδυναμία και παρόλο ότι τυχαίνει να έχω την τύχη και την ευτυχία να υπάρχει στη δισκοθήκη μου και αυτό το μικρό του αριστούργημα δεν μπορώ παρά να πω τις ευχαριστίες μου.
Υ.Γ. Επέλεξα να στείλω το πρώτο μήνυμα στην μητρική μας γλώσσα με την ελπίδα ότι μπορεί να είναι ευχάριστη αυτή η επιλογή στον (ην) ή στους(τις) συντελεστές αυτού του ήδη αγαπημένου μου μουσικού καταφυγίου.
Ευχές για ότι καλύτερο

Standin'AtTheCrossroads είπε...

Νασαι παντα καλα!
ευχαριστω για την γνωμη σου , παντα μετραει ,φτανει να ειναι καλοπιστη.
..εισαι παντα ευπροσδεκτος εδω!
Αλλωστε στην εποχη του ΕΓΩ!, τουτη εδω η σελιδα απανταει παντοτε με το ΕΜΕΙΣ!
για αυτο και πρεπει να μοιραζομαστε την κληρονομια , και να την προχωρησουμε παραπερα!
Φιλε μου Καλη Χρονια!
May All Your Dreams Come True!

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